Friday, February 27, 2015

Heart Unbreakable

Just when we thought Vérité couldn't get any hotter, she comes back with a flame burning brighter than ever before. Her latest single "Wasteland" captures you from the very instant you hear her hypnotizing vocals. It's when the driving drums come in at the chorus you're caught in this flaming explosion of power as she effortlessly pulls you under her spell and never lets go. We've noticed this track pulls on a new sound that channels a dance-pop vibe compared to her previous works. That being said, the sound that made this NYC songstress so popular is still present throughout the background of the track, and it just makes things 10x better. Feel the pounding of Vérité's passion below on this smash.

I Just Want You

A new SoCal duo jumped onto the scene by the name of XYLØ this week with their awe-striking debut "America". The track builds itself around a swirling melody that emits a rush of Lana-vibes while fusing in harder electronic elements to paint a picture of black and whites. Paige Dubby's vocals soar through the night on this track with a total sense of lightness in the verses and a massive take-off in the chorus. You'll be fighting for this one as it becomes a heavy rotation on your playlist. Get familiar with XYLØ  below.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Wanted More

It feels like it was just yesterday Wonderful Humans was tearing up the stage at our CMJ showcase. After leaving us wanting more, this duo is back with another dose of 80s influenced track for all those late night drives. From the very start you're caught in a flux of tropical synths laced in star dust. It's when the guitars come into that the vibes reach extra heights and blast you off to land among the stars. Wonderful Humans sure know what we needed, and they delivered with this one. Find that summery paradise among the galaxies below.

Crazier Than You

Australia's Thief has been high on our radar ever since he first caught out eye with his track "Closer". This week he's back with another massive jam "Crazy" that reaches new levels of insanity. It's the mix of the hypnotizing synths captured by Thief's pop-perfected vocals that bring a full-on heatwave. The drive-by guitars drop the sun-soaked beach vibes, and the lyrics have those memorable hooks that will be stuck in your head for days on end. Reach those new levels of summer-time craziness below.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm Coming Home

Coming off their latest EP, sounds, alternative-pop group Flor brings the heat with "back again". With a heart-pumping synth line and dreamy guitar, Flor gives us a track that reminds us of the Pains of Being Pure mixed with Alex Clare. Band members Zach, Dylan, Mckinley and Kyle uniquely intertwine electronic textures, instrumental vibes and mesmerizing vocals to create a really rich texture. There's just something about Flor that has us coming back again for more.

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If I'll See You Again

Where do we begin with this one? NYU student Everett Orr by no means sounds like a college student when it comes to the beats he’s producing. Inspired by the likes of D’Angelo, Flying Lotus, and Marvin Gaye to name a few, Everett’s latest track “Closer” brings something completely new to the table. With mesmerizing vocals and just enough trumpet, this song will have you lost in all its bliss. 
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Friday, February 20, 2015

No Peace In The Quiet

LA's indie scene hit a massive boom in the past months that's been busting out some big names ready to make 2015 their year to explode. Making it onto this long list is Frankie who we've been watching ever since she hit the scene with her debut "Blackout". Frankie comes back at us with her follow up "Problems Problems" and it's sure a pop smash. This LA girl blasts us with a massive wall of pop hooks in the chorus bound to floating around your head. It's bubble-gum goodness that sends you on a sugar high. Frankie has delivered something so magical with this track we are certain she'll be around for quite some time. Forget all your problems with Frankie below.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meet Me Between The Line

Prepare for take off. Great Good Fine Ok’s “Too Much to Handle” will have you shipped into space with their electro-funk single "Too Much To Handle". This Brooklyn-based duo do a really good job blending together sounds of their influences (Whitney Houston and the King of Pop, MJ) with more modern synth-based beats. This song is out of this world, and it may make you feel that way too. If you like this track, make sure to check out their recent EP, Body Diamond, along with being on the lookout for their second EP due out on 2M2H. Starting on 3/18 these guys will be touring with Magic Man. For now, blast off to a whole new world below. 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Stealing The Feeling

This last week London added a new duo to the scene with the debut of MAJIK. "It's Alright" has everything we could ask for in a proper debut with a rush of guitar strums that pluck at your heart strings and vocals that circle around your soul in a ghostly manner. It's the lyrics that come pouring out with a rush of honestly pulling you closer with each phrase. Get familiar with MAJIK below as they grasp you close and never let go.

Heavy For Your Love

Lyves first caught our attention last year when her debut bloomed out of the ground with an endless amount of beauty. Today, this Londoner returns with her stunning follow-up "Shelter". Lyves hypnotizes you from the very start with the simplistic piano effortlessly complimenting her vocals that shimmer like Robyn Sherwell in the dead of night. Lyves lyrics flow off the tongue like poetry from the heart laced with the hooks of London Grammar. It's half way through when the trickling pulses of the synths come in and you're caught into flux of emotion wrapping itself around your body. There's no doubt that Lyves has all of the makings to have 2015 in her hands. For now, get lost in Lyves spell below.

Psychedelic States Of Mind

In 2014 we saw Brighton become one of the hottest places for indie pop with the explosion of IYES and Fickle Friends. This still hasn't changed in 2015 as we welcome a new face to the Brighton scene White Peaks with his latest single "Veils". The track melts like paint droplets landing into water and slowly morphing the clearest of liquids into a hazy display of whitewashed colors. It's Matt Carrington's vocals that shine bright above the echoing production that grapples with the darkness at midnight. One listen and you'll be lost in the dark with White Peaks being your only beacon in the distance. Press play below and follow the lights of White Peaks home on this one.

Friday, February 13, 2015

On My Way Down

Making his first appearance on Oblivious Pop, Meeka Kates is really starting to catch some attention with his latest track “Closure.” With a haunting electronic vibe, he keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering where he’ll take this track next. By adding some echoic vocals on top, Meeka Kates creates an extremely lucid sound which will have you swaying in your seat. There's that underlying groove that dives into a realm of mystery of echoes. Seek out Meeka Kates below because this one goes down smooth.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Drinking You In

Joining the ranks of highly craved teenage song-writers comes Will Joseph Cook with his latest song "Streets of Paris". This 17-year-old songwriter delivers a track that's shows years of maturity as he channels a George Ezra like energy while bringing a Tor Miller-like voice. The track has that feel good vibe perfect for the summer months with the top down and the streets rolling in front of you. There's no doubt that Will Joseph Cook will find his way into your heart with this heat-seeking tune. Press play and get your feet moving as the sun shines with the feel-good vibes of Will Joseph Cook.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back To My Teenage Dream

Get your neon pants and loose-fitted gym clothes out because Pink Gloves’ “80s Girls” will have you teleported back to the age of crazy haircuts and workout videos. Inspired by Molly Ringwald’s infamous dress in “Pretty in Pink,” Petr Pliska (Pink Gloves) embodies the spirit of the 80s with this song. With a up-tempo beat and pulsating guitar part, this electro-pop song is topped off with Pliska’s almost robotic voice to create a track we think even Ringwald wouldn’t resist. Turn the radio up below.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Be Your Greatest Pleasure

TC4 danced their way onto the radar of the blogsphere at the end of 2014 with their debut that truly showed that the 90s house scene was well on its way back. This duo is back with their second offering "Tears" that definitely heats things up and sets them apart as game-changers in the music scene. Channeling a production that glistens in the realm of a Kiesza hit, TC4 bring the vocal chops of Onyda that adds a wondrous touch to capture all of your attention. It's the icy smoothness of the production and heated intensity of the vocals that sets this massive track to be blasted all weekend. Get to know TC4 because this duo is destine to be huge this year!

Keep My Heart From Sight

London duo Little Shoes Big Voice are back again with another electrifying track, "Smoke N Mirrors". With a gentle harp and even gentler vocals, LSBV opens up this one nice and smooth. Emily Harvey’s voice reminds us of Ellie Goulding’s a bit, but with the help of her partner Jack Durtnall, the two create something very unique. The light strings, paired with synths and claps, will have you mesmerized in a dreamy state.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rebel Without A Reason

Claudia Kane was one of our favorite discoveries of 2014. Unfortunately, the tracks that made us rave about her potential have since been taken down with her signing to RCA late last year. We hoped that this would be the defining factor that Claudia Kane would blow up in 2015, and with the release of her music video for "Resident of Darkness" things are definitely looking up. The video builds itself upon a blackout scene with a shinning light shedding exposure on Claudia's fierceness and some powerful choreography. Claudia's vocals sound better than ever on this track as well, as she brings comparisons to Lana Del Rey on a disco high. It's the haziness of the track combined with the stellar aesthetic of this video that clearly packages Claudia Kane as a force to reckoned with as she brings her darker days to engulf all signs of daylight. Get mesmerized above with Claudia's music video debut, and be sure to check out the T.O Remix below. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

We Are Going Downstream

Last year, Prinze George made it clear that they were serious about becoming one of the best indie acts of NYC with the release of their stellar track "This Time" last year. A year later, Prinze George is going far and beyond what we even expected as they make their claim to pop royalty with their latest release "We Are Dreamers" featuring Misun Wojcik. Off of their upcoming EP, this track channels every glistening pop hook possible. Its the arena-ready synths playing with the pounding dance beat that excellently compliments Prinze George's free-standing lyrics. Prinze George isn't just creating hype with this track; they've captured the true essence of a pop hit with more to come. It's with this we crown Prinze George as one of some New York's best pop royalty as they make a claim to the throne below.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Died In Your Arms

If you’re looking for a new artist where vocals & song-writing rule supreme you should look no further than London’s Matt Woods with his winter-warming track "In The Dark". Matt does an excellent job really conveying his soul and passion into this track. Matt explains the inspiration behind his latest song is about an"intimate moment, when you feel really close to someone...And about how just as soon as it happens it has gone. It’s sort of pleading with that someone to not wake you up from this brief moment.” With that kind of intensity, we expect great things from Matt. Keep him in your sights.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You're Full Of Love

This last year was driven by the explosion of Osca with their perfectly crafted indie treasures. This week, Osca is ready to make 2015 their year with the release of "Sleeptalk", the b-side to their upcoming single "Smoke". This new track carries on Osca's picturesque melodies as they shine bright through the curtains of a smokey hotel room. It's the guitars that deliver a sense of wonder and have you laying on a bed daydreaming into the night. It's all of this combining with the arena-ready sound that has this South London band running to the front of the pack. We're certain we'll be seeing a lot more of Osca in 2015, but for now get lost in your daydreams below.

Memories Of Summer

Making their third appearance on Oblivious Pop, it’s pretty clear that indie-rock duo Prelow was bound to deliver more addicting music. Prelow just released their debut EP Why Does Everything Happen So Much, and it shows that these guys have built a pretty promising foundation for their career. The combination of longing vocals and heavy hitting drums are definitely reminiscent of a summer romance gone astray on "I've Been Drinking". With the electric guitar and crash symbols, it reminds you of the wonders of alcohol and how such an elixir can really bring out the truth. Pour one out for Prelow as they continue their climb for indie royalty. Why Does Everything Happen So Much is available now on iTunes.

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If You Wanna Be My Friend

Coming from the land down under, Sydney-native Anatole seamlessly remixes Japanese Wallpaper's track "Between Friends". Anatole opens with a more classical sound, but quickly transitions to an upbeat percussive production. It's the transitions that make this track worth the listen with the highlighting of the piano, strings, vocals, and his own beats to make it an overall phenomenal remix. Pop in those headphones, turn up the track, and get moving to this song.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[PREMIERE] One Way Ticket With A Badass Bitch

January has set the tone for what pop music is going to look like this year with the countless female pop stars from the UK pulling all eyes on them. Today, our eyes go towards London-based singer Millie Go Lightly gracing out pages with the premiere of her debut "Powertrip". The track is driven by a pounding beat that's reminiscent of KT Tunstall and melodic guitars that perfectly complement Millie's vocals. Once the the chorus kicks in you find yourself caught in Millie's spell as you feel a full on meltdown taking control and never letting go. Get ready because Millie Go Lightly shows us she's one badass bitch ready to have all eye on her. Feel her domination below with the premiere of this burning track.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Visions Turn To Gold

We've been hot on the trail of EXGF ever since their massive pool party anthem dropped last summer. After leaving us high and dry with not a lot of information, EXGF is bringing all the hype back with their latest single "We Are The Hearts". Taking steps away form the summer electronics and dropping things into darker realm this team has proven they are a force to be reckoned with. It's the burning of the brassy synths morphing with the hard hitting beats that has the vocals soaring higher than the moon and the stars. It's a highly cinematic masterpiece that echoes with darkened clouds rolling in for that massive storm that is EXGF. Get ready because EXGF is the hurricane that's here to stay.

We Wove Out Of Each Other

This last year Natalie McCool caught our attention with her single "Dig It Out" that moved mountains and had us keeping a lookout for what was coming next. We finally have gotten that with the release of her latest single "Pins" that doesn't disappoint. This track is laced with a bluesy melody that lays itself on the back-end of the electro beat. The production finds itself slowly but surely picking up as the track carries on as it resonates with the likes of Tei Shi. Hands down this is one of the best tracks from Natalie with her voice showing the purest of pop abilities. Listen below as Natalie flawlessly weaves in and out on this one.