Monday, January 26, 2015

[PREMIERE] Not A Single Voice

Sweden's Manotett made their first appearance on the indie scene about a year ago with their debut "Felt Like You" that set them up as a true electronic act to watch. Today, we bring you the premiere of their latest single "Faces" that'll send shivers down your spine as the chilling electronics pour over your body. The track is laced with a haunting yet addictive whistle that pulls you into a trance within the very first seconds. It's the Monarchy-like vocals pulling over the fluxing synths that bring everything together to explode into one massive track. Fall into the trance below with the premiere of "Faces", and be sure to check out the Danrell remix of this track as well. You can all stream both of these track on Spotify as well. Keep your eyes on these guys as they have a lot more music coming up this year. Things are bound to explode!

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