Monday, January 12, 2015

My Fault Lies In Weakness

It seems like it was only yesterday that we opened up our email to ak superb cover from Netherlands duo Nick Klein. It was only months later that they delivered their jungle-vibing follow up "Break Away", which turn a little spark into a growing fire. After leaving us waiting for a few more months, this duo is back with yet another stellar track "Paralyzed". It's from the very beginning when you're hit with lead singer Nick Klein's polarizing vocals that will have you knocked flat on your back instantly caught in a trance. That track takes a full-on blast as producer Ferdous Dehzad captures you in an atmospheric twisting of alluring synths covered in a simplistic beat that finds itself in an addictive state. Nick Klein surly will send you into a state of shock unable to move and amazed by this burning track they delivered. You can expect a debut EP in the coming months from these guys, but for now lay their helpless as you Nick Klein sends you into a paralysis with their latest below.

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