Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Caught In The Middle

Black Coast had us crushing hard ever since they dropped his styling debut last year. Now that 2015 is on a roll, its only fitting that this Brooklyn producer drops another treat with "Enough" featuring M. Maggie. This track caugh us instantly with enough energy to have us dancing around the apartment on the first listen. It's the 80s dance beat that dives into the 21st century with its electronics dancing like sun beams on the waves of a summer day. It's when M. Maggie's comes in that things go full on pop with the purest vocals we've ever heard. There's something here that screams pop hit with M. Maggie shining like a massive super star and Black Coast producing nothing less than magic. We're sure one listen won't be enough and you'll be dying for more. Get greedy below by blasting this on repeat.

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