Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pretend I See A Happy End

Over the past six months Billy Who have been making us fall in love with their frost-bitten sound from their debut to their massive follow up "I Clean My Face". Today, we get our third dose from this Swedish duo and things just continue to get better. "My Heart Will Mend" instantly glows with aurora borealis laced synths as the beat becomes reminiscent of nordic tides. It's the addictive melodies that captivate you until the very end where things drop out and you're left breathless. Get lost in this luminous track as Billy Who paints the sky with the northern lights.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Give It All To Hear Your Voice

Dominique has found herself as the bubbling talk of many in the industry when everyone caught wind of her debut single "It's Only You". This slow-burning track had bloggers craving more and there's definitely some hits on the horizon for this NYC artist. For now, we get a little taste of something different on the Dominique front with Pinemarten's remix of her debut. Pinemarten slows things down with an icy smooth beat laced with retro 80 synths that have things combusting. It all leads to a massive break down that leaves the icy beat reaching record degrees as it sends everything into a full-on meltdown. One listen and you'll feel that icy burn.

Monday, January 26, 2015

[PREMIERE] Not A Single Voice

Sweden's Manotett made their first appearance on the indie scene about a year ago with their debut "Felt Like You" that set them up as a true electronic act to watch. Today, we bring you the premiere of their latest single "Faces" that'll send shivers down your spine as the chilling electronics pour over your body. The track is laced with a haunting yet addictive whistle that pulls you into a trance within the very first seconds. It's the Monarchy-like vocals pulling over the fluxing synths that bring everything together to explode into one massive track. Fall into the trance below with the premiere of "Faces", and be sure to check out the Danrell remix of this track as well. You can all stream both of these track on Spotify as well. Keep your eyes on these guys as they have a lot more music coming up this year. Things are bound to explode!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Your Ego Won't Let You Love

Jack Garratt exploded onto the scene this last year with his debut proving that 2015 was going to be his year to shine. Yesterday, another love of ours Prides dropped a sexy remix of his track "The Love You're Given", and things get totally steamy on this one. Jack's vintage sounding vocals just fit perfectly with the production of today that Prides deliver on this one. It's the echoing of eclipsed synths that melt into the bigger beats that pulls everything into one major hot flash. Press play and feel that burn below.

Friday, January 23, 2015

[US PREMIERE] Roaming The Wild

Young Summer took 2014 by storm as she released hit after hit that lead to the release of her wonderful Siren LP. There were definitely some major stand out tracks throughout the album, and "Severing Ties" was absolutely one of them. Today, we bring you the US Premiere of the UK's Avec Sans remix of the track, and this one sure is fire. Avec Sans take this empowering track that's originally laced with a chill groove into a massive powerhouse hit. This duo bring a pounding bass to the track laced with trickling electronic, all combining to craft a massive club banger that's bound to get your body moving. The track is "about deciding to walk away from someone who's been taking more than they're giving," and this sure is the perfect good bye to this kind of lover. Get ready to dance with the US premiere of this banger below

Thursday, January 22, 2015

You're Untouchable

Tove Styrke won our hearts over early on in 2014 with her sass-master single "Even If I'm Love I'm Not Talking To You". It was with her Borderline EP that we knew she was here to stay. Today, Tove Styrke launches herself even closer to pop royalty with her latest offering "Ego" off of her upcoming Kiddo LP. The track is a lot smoother than her other offerings, stepping away from her chant-like singing to a flawless Jessie Ware-like melody. We still get doses of Tove's angsty self through the back play of the production, but there's no doubt that "Ego" takes a step forward with a mature sound launching her to land among the stars. Tove will be playing Popshop tonight and its bound to be a stellar one. Keep getting familiar with Tove Styrke below because she's destine to be a sun among stars this year.

We're Forever Lost

Our friends over at Duly Noted Records are welcoming a new killer act to their roster by the name of Anteros. This London 3-piece comes at us this week with their self-titled debut single ready to soar through the midnight skies. The track takes on a classic indie pop sound laced with nostalgic guitars and glistening pianos that shimmer in the night. There's a continuous switch in the beat that gives rushes of energy all the way to the very end where you get that massive build, and it all comes out leaving you flying higher than the moon and the stars above. Anteros are well on their way to success with this single, and we can't wait to hear what'll be next from their upcoming EP. For now, take flight with Anteros below.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Everybody Get Down

Rochester electro group Kopps are back this week and ready to heat things up with their latest "Dumb". The track hits you fast and hard with a banging beat as singer Patricia PatrĂ³n brings a seductive and cool melody. Things reach the boiling point as the chorus vamps itself into a dynamite explosion ready to make you're body lose control. Everything about this track screams game changers as Kopps bring the noise on this one. Press play below and be prepared to go crazy.

Keep Your Love Strong

This year has been jam packed with massive debuts that have instantly kept 2015 high energized. This week, there's a London act by the name of MakeLove that has made it onto our radar and is ready to keep things going strong. Their debut "Head Up" pulls on some massive psychedelic vibes that will drop you back in time. It's the vocals that remind us of a Miike Snow track along with the lyrics that have flow with perfection into every beat of this steaming song. One listen and you'll be hooked for days on end as we wait to see what will come next from this act. For now get lost in the disco passion delivered by MakeLove below.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There's Poison In The Meat

Nearly a year ago Skyes graced our pages with their debut single "A Girl Named Jake" that had our heads spinning with all of its power. Today, Skyes returns with their latest release "Quarks" and it's another smash ready to send this Brooklyn-based band to new heights. It's the combination of electronics that soar in an other worldly territory fusing with the familiar rock stylings that create something thats ready to explode like a ticking time bomb. If that's not enough, lead singer Dallin Knightly takes things even further with her impeccable vocals that have the power to shock you into coma. This year is looking bright for Skyes as they continue to prep for further releases and bust out some massive live dates. Get familiar with Skyes below as they knock you out with this one. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's Dream About It

Something hot surfaced on the blog scene this last week by a new UK artist. Going by the name Silk Cinema, this artist delivers us her grooving debut "Hope" that's laced in dreams. It's the production of Raph A that borders a chill dance beat sending an infectious sound into your soul while combining with the elegant vocals of Silk Cinema that take you off into a dream land high above the clouds. The track is light and pleasant, but has the little bit of something that makes it so undeniably good that you're playing it on repeat. Press play below and be prepared to be soaring above the clouds as you get familiar with Silk Cinema.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ain't Letting Nothing In

Detroit duo Gosh Pith have been showing up on our radar ever since they graced our pages with their debut single "Waves". This week, the duo bring us their third offering that's coming in as one of the hype tracks for the week. Gosh Pith knows how to bring it with their smooth bass hitting you soft and slow to the point that things just flow to perfection. It's the distant vocals that echo off of the each drum hit that you're pulled into an almost seductive and mysterious mood. Gosh Pith is currently on tour in the Midwest with another favorite of ours Marcus Alan Ward, and will also be making the trek out to NYC to play Baby's All Right on January 24th. This isn't a show you'll want to miss as Gosh Pith continues to climb to the top of the indie scene. For now get familiar with these dudes below.

Call Me Anytime

This year has been looking like a pretty great year for music coming from NYC. This week another duo hops onto the scene here in NYC by the name of REFS with their debut "Pain Goes Away", and they sure know how to bust out a jam. It's the R&B beats mixing with the glistening synths that heat things up to a whole new level from the very start. Things go even further when the LED melodies take off to a whole new universe sparkling like crystals stars off in the distance. REFS isn't new to busting out perfect indie hits though. REFS is the collaboration of Zachary Andrew (Black Light Dinner Party, High Highs) and Richard Saunders. There's no doubt that we'll be hearing a lot more from these guys are they take hold of the NYC music scene in the comings months. For now, blast off with REFS to the moon and stars below. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Love Is A Beast

A few days ago we came across a gem in our inbox from a new UK artist January worth keeping your eyes on. Hailing from South Gloucestershire, January crafts a stunning debut on "KING" as he brings a bluesy melody over a rather simplistic yet magical electronic piano backing. It's this composition that allows for you to fully appreciate his perfected pop vocals that compliment the wondrous lyrics. We can surely expect more music from January very soon as he finalizes his debut EP due out this spring. There's no doubt that January will be exploding faster than we can eve realize. For now soak in the masterpiece below.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Only A Fool Would Want Me

Jackson Phillips of Carousel has launched a new solo project this last year called Day Wave and ever since there's been nothing but praise. Pulling on the indie guitars that surfaced from the likes of the Drums, Day Wave sends us into classic Cali-influenced jam on his latest release "Total Zombie". It's the surfer sound that has the waves crashing on shore as it builds its vintage sound over each word of the hazy lyrics. Press play below and be ready to feel the sun.

Head In The Clouds

Cali heat seekers Golden Coast are back this week with another tropical masterpiece ready to bring the heat to the east cost in the dead of this Arctic freeze. After wowing us with their perfect releases of the past, they're back and delivering a heat wave filled with breezy pop elements bound to liven up these winter months with "Futurist". The verses drop you in the tides of a steaming beach sound perfect for sitting on the beach drinking the sun away, but once the chorus hits the beach party begins catching you in a sing-a-long punch. Golden Coast will be playing Neon Gold's LA Popshop so don't miss out if you're out on the west coast. For now, soak in the sun-kissed sound below. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Fault Lies In Weakness

It seems like it was only yesterday that we opened up our email to ak superb cover from Netherlands duo Nick Klein. It was only months later that they delivered their jungle-vibing follow up "Break Away", which turn a little spark into a growing fire. After leaving us waiting for a few more months, this duo is back with yet another stellar track "Paralyzed". It's from the very beginning when you're hit with lead singer Nick Klein's polarizing vocals that will have you knocked flat on your back instantly caught in a trance. That track takes a full-on blast as producer Ferdous Dehzad captures you in an atmospheric twisting of alluring synths covered in a simplistic beat that finds itself in an addictive state. Nick Klein surly will send you into a state of shock unable to move and amazed by this burning track they delivered. You can expect a debut EP in the coming months from these guys, but for now lay their helpless as you Nick Klein sends you into a paralysis with their latest below.

Friday, January 9, 2015

See The Fire In You

Something good is brewing in Brooklyn from new comer Her Habits. Built upon the vocal prowess of Canadian singer Joanie Wolkoff and the icy production of Sanford Livingston, Her Habits caught our attention with their latest track "Truth". This track builds upon some trippy word play through the verses that remind us a bit of Tove Styrke. It's the chorus that brings a melodic elegance like heroine laced Airling. It's this fusion of grit and lightness that bring a powering track that's floating softly through the air. Her Habits is definitely an act worth keep your eyes on in the New York circuit. For now, as we wait for what's next to come, dive into the pop honesty of Her Habits below.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Guilty Heart That Beats

Robyn Sherwell made it onto our list of Artists to Watch in 2015, and this week she's proving our prediction right with her latest track "Pale Lung". This melodically soothing track builds itself on a light but sturdy sense of structure. It's this that allows for Robyn's astounding lyricism to shine bright through the gray of a cloudy day. You'll be caught up in the gentleness of this track as Robyn Sherwell continues to astound you with every breath. Fill your lungs with Robyn Sherwell's wonder below.

Words I Feel

Today, we are taking off to an entirely new universe with the electro working of BLCK-WHT with his latest track "Infinite Love". Taking inspiration from movie Perks Of Being A Wallflower, this Nashville-based producer works in an atmospheric sound that shatters everything around it. It's every drum hit that breathes new light into this soundscaping track, pulling on every sense of hope and wonder in your heart. It's the crossing of the M83 electronics and lyrics mixing with the vocal effects of Monarchy that send this track soaring out past the milky way and far out into the great beyond. Take off into the wonders beyond below.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nights Back In Tokyo

Yesterday 2015 got its first blog buzz band with the debut EP from Canberra duo Vallis Alps. The entire EP itself takes you on a journey into the clouds and beyond, but the leading track "Young" was the major highlight of our listening experience. It's the haunting vocals that dance elegantly like London Grammar being laced in Broods' sweltering electronics that really instills this full bodied track ready to make any blogger weep. It's a fairytale fantasy caught in the metropolises of today with the glistening of neon lights on rain covered streets. Vallis Alps take your sense of reality and crosses it with fantasy creating a state of euphoria caught between two totally different worlds instilling a total sense of youth with each listen. Take your dose of you youthfulness below.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Caught In The Middle

Black Coast had us crushing hard ever since they dropped his styling debut last year. Now that 2015 is on a roll, its only fitting that this Brooklyn producer drops another treat with "Enough" featuring M. Maggie. This track caugh us instantly with enough energy to have us dancing around the apartment on the first listen. It's the 80s dance beat that dives into the 21st century with its electronics dancing like sun beams on the waves of a summer day. It's when M. Maggie's comes in that things go full on pop with the purest vocals we've ever heard. There's something here that screams pop hit with M. Maggie shining like a massive super star and Black Coast producing nothing less than magic. We're sure one listen won't be enough and you'll be dying for more. Get greedy below by blasting this on repeat.

I Don't Do Love

Rude first came onto the scene last year with a happier pop tune "Disco" that caught our attention and had us floating on cloud 9. This week Rude returns with something a little darker and on the complete opposite spectrum with "Heartbreaker" dropping on Love By Mistake on February 14th. You're thrown into this track with a running beat that catches you in a massive vortex as the verse hits you with its most honest hooks. It's when you hit the chorus that things take a massive turn and have you caught in the heartbreaking words "I don't love, I don't do love" that sends your mind racing. Hands down Rude has delivered on this track and sure are crushing 2015 already. Feel that heart ache below.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Got Lost In Your Words

This past year we've seen some massive break through where artists that literally have dropped one song, blown up, and almost sizzle out faster than we can even finish listening to the music. With The Night VI this isn't the case. This last year has been all about setting them up for a rise to success with some single releases throughout the year that led the release of one of our favorite EPs of 2014 DIY. Now that 2014 is behind us, this six-piece band are gearing up for a whole new EP with the release of their latest single "Too Late To Lie". The Night VI take leaps and bounds on this track by switching things up from the start with a simplistic piano chords that chime behind Sophie's elegant vocals. Moments after you get into the intro you find yourself diving into familiar ground as the guitars trickle in creating all of the steam needed to have you locked all of the vintage elements so gracefully flowing throughout. Be sure to pre-order The Night VI's new EP here and prepare yourself for what this UK band has in store for 2015.