Thursday, December 31, 2015

People Say

We're all riding on those very ends of 2015, which has been a year packed with new discoveries that have sky rocketed to the top. As we say good bye to this wonderful year, we say hello to a new act that's already surpassed many acts that haven't even come forward for 2016. Seramic dives us deep into the calm waves with "People Say" that's absolutely been sent from the gods. The driven Jack Garratt-gospel vibes trickle down your spine as you float through the still water in the darkest of nights. There's a feeling that gets the hairs on your arms tingling in all the right ways as this one keeps surpassing levels as you dip your toes deeper into the water. Before you realize it you're submerged deep in this slow-motion state of living as the world turns slowly around you and reality takes itself to the backseat. There's definitely something major bubbling on the horizon for Seramic that's screaming this next year is going to dominated by this act. As we wait for more, press play and escape reality as you drift into 2016. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We'll Find Out

We've been holding out the later part of this month on posting new music until after the new year as we start to roll out some new things on these pages, but alas, we couldn't hold ourselves back with some new faces already grabbing our attention for ones to start watching for 2016. One in particular who caught our eye is Jonny Stemp. Hailing from the UK, Jonny has been slowly drawing the attention of listeners with a few covers, but what made us see all the potential is the release of his "We'll Find Out". Unlike many artists of today who's tracks focus heavily on electronic production, Jonny's style builds upon a piano driven accompaniment that meant for the heavens as his vocals glisten through the clouds of the end of a storm. This one is the light at the end of the tunnel ready to send the emotions speeding fast to your head. Get familiar with Jonny Stemp below because 2016 is looking bright for him!

Friday, December 11, 2015

[PREMIERE] Faking It

It's been a hell of a year filled with rising-female stars coming together to drive their power and energy into one massive force to be reckoned with. It's been wonderful to watch the women in music go far and beyond to prove that they are unstoppable in every single way. Joining this wolfpack today is New York's Olivia Noelle with our exclusive premiere of her stellar debut "Faking It". Delivering a total bad ass vibe from the moment her vocals kick in, Olivia wraps you around her finger as she taunts you with all of her super-star energy. With the heavy yet glistening R&B/pop production by Lauv, Olivia finds herself dancing with the comparison of a new age JoJo aligned with the edginess of Charli XCX's female-power. Olivia may find herself in the early state of her career, but it's clear in the way she carries herself that screams she's ready to launch herself among the likes of T-Swift, Marina, and Katy. Keep your eyes on Olivia Noelle for 2016 because there's no denying the star-power coming from this act.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blue & The Green

Over the past couple of years we've seen some massive acts come Good Years (Banks, Francis and The Lights). This week, they introduce us to another powerhouse ready to rise to the top of the rankings, LOYAL. "Blue & The Green" is the perfect introduction to this trio as they dance on the edge of the dusk of a day leading into the hazy neon-nature of the night. The track builds itself on traces of house-like cords with a combination of that vintage indie vibe that delivers a chilling yet burning hot taste in your mouth. The track just keeps picking up steam as it leads from its relaxed feel at the start to this roaring finish where the guitar just blows through everything and has you lost in a California night. It's an introduction to an act that's left us speechless. We're ready to hold on for more from LOYAL! 

Get Away

It's been a well over a year since we last heard from Paperwhite after they caught our attention with all their starting magic. This brother-sister duo is finally back and ready to take their project to a whole new level with their video for "Get Away". This track builds itself around Ben's futuristic tribal drums and production as Katie's vocals take you far into a dream land. The video builds upon this newer sound Paperwhite is crafting with Katie and Ben wandering blindfolded around ocean-side cliffs. It's not until the very end where Katie takes off her blindfold and things break free ascending your dreams to a brighter state of euphoria. Those in the NYC area can catch Paperwhite playing The Knitting Factory on January 10th with tickets here. Get ready to take off with Paperwhite on their knew journey that's out of this world!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Little Love

Berlin's been a growing hot-spot in the indie scene with a number of rising acts climbing the ladder of success rather quickly. Today, Kilian & Jo are making their first strides with their massive debut "Little Love". Bringing on the star-studded vocals of Australia's Conrad Sewell, this duo has created a track totally worth listening to on repeat for days on end. The track is pushed forward a jungle-dance beat that dives into the rolling waves of the ocean. The production has those powering house cords that bring things from the tropics to the dance floor catching you in all of the heat pouring out. Feel that tropical heat-wave take over your body below with this one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We've been keeping a watchful eye on London's Kyla La Grange for well over a year, and 2015 has truly been showing some light upon her project with the release of her 80s-pop influenced "So Sweet". Kyla is back again giving us another taste with her newest track "Skin". This one pulls on a darker edge that gives a similar taste of FKA Twigs darkened synths, while staying absolutely true to Kyla's signature pop sound she's claimed for herself. Kyla delivers so much pain and anxiety on this track wit the agitating synth-surges that flux with her heartfelt lyrics where she sings "I'm so done with this". There's no doubt that this one showcases how far Kyla has come, and there is definitely great things on the horizon. You won't regret getting reacquainted with this powerhouse below.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Belgium's Tsar B first came onto our radar at the end of last month with her collaboration on Oscar and The Wolf's legendary cover of "Back To Black". Already pulling all eyes her way, Tsar B comes storming onto the scene with her proper debut "Escalate". Right from the get-go she throws us into a pitch-black sound as the drums come pounding through the stillness. Tsar B's vocals dance elegantly as they combine middle-eastern melodies intertwined with some of the purest of pop tendencies. It's the pulsing of the track that slowly twists and turns through neon colors having you find mesmerized by the hypnotizing elements present throughout the entire track. It's hard to deny that all eyes are on Tsar B right now as she forges her way as the next rising songstress from Belgium with more music on the way. For now, find yourself locked in a neon state of hypnotization below.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Enough

Chelsea Effect comes storming in this week with laser-light debut "Good Enough", ready to draw all eyes their way. Founded by Canadian-born Emerald Isabella, Chelsea Effect comes roaring in with production by Bram Insccore and mixing by Andrew Maury. The verses are laced with grimy synths that echo off the dead of night doused with the Ellie Goulding-like vocals. It's that build up into the chorus where things explode into one massive ray of light ready to blast any sense of darkness away. Illuminate your midnight with this stellar debut below.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Brandyn Burnette has been a name circulating in our heads over the last year as he's scored himself some songwriting credits with some of our favorite rising artists. This week, Brandyn is prepping to release his debut EP Made Of Dreams, a project that has been based off of five years of struggles in this ever changing industry. Premiering here today is "Down", which is a burner ready to scorch your skin with every touch. Teaming up with Lewis Hughes for production, this track catches you in the surging synths that fuel the flames soaring into the dead of night. Brandyn's vocals deliver the soulful/R&B vibes we all crave will twirling them around an indie pop influence in the chorus. When talking about the meaning behind this track, Brandyn said "'Down' was almost a conversation with myself... a confessional of sorts... thats allowed me to break through the fears of my own insecurities." This honestly is consistently present through the entirety of the song, but finds itself highlighted in the verses where the stream beings to rise. Brandyn is one you're going to want to keep your eyes on in the next year with so many great things to come. For now,watch the flames dance into the darkened parts of your mind on this one below.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Don't Start A War

Molly Moore first caught our attention earlier this year with her pure-pop prowess on "Don't Believe It", and after leaving us for a hot minute, she returns this week with "Peace Of My Heart". Molly delivers everything we could hope for as her vocals stay true to her pop star perfection ready to blossom. Hooking you from the start with her haunting verses, Molly delivers a power-punch in the chorus where you get all of the strength in vocals before the production takes off into the stormy skies above. Molly has truly shown her massive growth with each release, launching her to new heights where the stars lie with this darkened masterpiece. Dance with darkness on this one below.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

[PREMIERE] Tear In My Heart

NYC's Julius has been cruising along this year with some major originals and re-compositions that all properly showcase the true talent behind the music. Already giving us a taste with his re-composition of Omarion's "Post To Be", Julius returns today to premiere his re-composition of Twenty One Pilots' "Tear In My Heart". Bringing a totally new spin to this already massive track, Julius brings things to a darker feel with surging synths that bring the fuel to a song that is already fire. When you get to the chorus things just explode with the pounding drums. Julius's vocals are delivered effortlessly as they transition in power from the chorus to the softness laced within the verses. This is only the beginning for Julius as he has his debut EP Re-compositions is coming soon. Keep and eye out for more from him, but for now, let your heart bleed out to this one below.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


LA-based producer duo Lost Kings have been rising to the top of the game with their incredible remix game over the last year. Already pulling a massive following, the guys are taking things a whole new level with the release of their original music. Already riding on the buzz of the first taste of their upcoming EP, we are premiering their follow-up,"You" featuring Katelyn Tarver, below. On this one the guys catch your attention with the sparkling synths in the production that light up the night with all that magic. When Katelyn's vocals come in on the verse things cruise smoother and faster to new heights, ready to have your blood rushing. As the verse climbs higher and higher your thrown into a chorus with the perfect hook that'll have you on one massive high. The track keeps rolling onward as the guys pulling on their EDM perfection that they always deliver while bringing a dose of a pop-ready hit that' be sure to soundtrack your days on end.
"We had an amazing time making "You" with Katelyn. We had a blast in the studio and it really translated to the overall feel of the song, which is all about feeling good - nothing else" - Lost Kings
"You" really captures this overall feeling of having a good time, and takes you to a new high with every listen. It's a rue testament showing how far Lost Kings have come, and how much more they will bring to the table. Lost Kings' debut EP drops this Friday, October 23rd on Spinnin Records. Until then, dance to all the good times on this one below! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Waste Another Day

Golden Coast has been our dose of Cali-sunlight for quite some time now, and we just seem to never be able to get enough. The guys are ready to take us away to their tropical paradise once again with their latest release "High Noon Getaway". It's that cruising beat that has us driving into the sunset as the blazing synths shimmer on the waves crashing on the sandy shores. Get ready to ride shotgun as Golden Coast takes you to that secret place below!

Can't Touch Me

As things start to cool down with the changing of the seasons, POWERS continues to bring the heat with their video for "Hot" this week. Delivering us those steaming synths that explode with a disco groove ready to light up your night, POWERS puts on one hell of a show with their slow-mo dance party that packs itself with so much intensity. You'll be lighting up the night with this one as POWERS works your body down to the beat. This duo is hitting up CMJ this week, and is a must-see act. You can catch them tonight at Good Room, Thursday at Webster Hall, Friday at The Knitting Factory, and Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl. Don't miss out or you'll get burned!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Weakest Moment

Lucy Mason first graced our pages with her star-powered debut well over a year ago. This week, she returns with the spotlight shinning down on her with her latest offering "Lightning Strikes". From the get-go Lucy's vocals dance upon the darkened clouds like lightning brightening the darkest skies above. The track just continues to build upon itself with the soaring guitars and the up-lifting chorus ready to have you floating above the clouds looking down at the mayhem below. Lucy truly has the star power, and this new one is the shinning moment on what is her best work yet. Light up your nights with this one below.

Running With The Wolves

CMJ is this week, and with all things CMJ it's all about catching the hottest band around from all over the world. Of these bands is new risers Secret Weapons, who dropped their debut track "Something New" a few weeks ago. This Brooklyn-based duo glides in on those glistening synths with a verse ready to catch your ear. As you find yourself humming along the chorus kicks in, ready to knock you off your feet with the powering, athematic force behind it all chasing the night. Secret Weapons play tonight at The Knitting Factory and tomorrow (October 14th) at Webster Hall. Press play below, and prepare to be sprinting forward in the wolf pack.

Monday, October 12, 2015

[PREMIERE] Lipstick On My Bed Sheets

Continuing to work his way int our hearts is London's Lex Low, who has been winning us over with tastes of his forthcoming EP. Today, he gives us another dose with the title-track "Mystery", which is one that'll send your heart cruising down a darkened highway ready to set your heartbeat to an ominous tone. Lex Low brings things in subtly with his R&B melodies that ornament themselves with those classic pop hooks building upon one another to create the perfect jam for those late night drives. The track pulls in the chorus with hints of 70s disco fusing with large amounts of soul,  pop-laced electronics, and those silky smooth vocals sliding through the night . 

"When I was writing this EP, about 3/4 months ago, I'd been listening to a lot of Jack Garratt, Lapsley, and Mirrorwriting-era Jamie Woon . I wanted to get a bit deeper into the complexities of a relationship like those guys, amongst others, manage to do so well. 'Mystery' is about being perpetually surprised by your lover as you get to know more about them; how you never know what's round the corner. The production picks up on some of those themes - sparse in the first verse, then those big reverby toms come in and it drops into a strange alt R&B funk chorus. My girlfriend actually said it sounds like two different songs stuck together - she didn't like it that much. But I kind of like that, you don't expect the chorus or the strings in the bridge. You want a big bassy synth but it never turns up. It draws on that unexpectedness you experience in a relationship." - Lex Low 

"Mystery" is a track that's going to find it's neon colors intertwined inside your mind. Just one listen and you'll be hooked on this one as it pulls you deeper into the depths of your brain. Take a listen to the premiere below, and prepare to be lost in this new love affair. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[PREMIERE] Flesh And Bone

We've been hooked on Young Rising Sons ever since they dropped their roaring debut single "High" over a year ago, released a debut EP that rocked our worlds, and even toured with some of our other favorites that include Halsey, Little Daylight, The Griswolds, and many more. Just in time for the latter part of this year, Young Rising Sons are back at it with new one "Flesh And Bone" that's ready to rock your world, and we've got the exclusive premiere below. Starting off soft and smooth, Young Rising Sons ride on in on a breeze of a verse laced with an echoing guitar and lyrics ready to sooth your soul. When the chorus kicks in your caught on a ride as the guitars start roaring, and Young Rising Sons pick things up to cruise right to your heart. The track keeps surging forward where it finally kicks itself into high gear after the second chorus when the synths push their way in and things start to soar to the sky. "Flesh And Bone" comes off of Young Rising Sons second EP The Kids Will Be Fine out October 16th on Interscope Records. Also, the guys will be hitting the road this fall for a headlining tour with support from Night Riots and The Mosers with tickets on sale now. Get involved on this one below because Young Rising Sons are destine to rise to the top!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trust Is Gone

Fresh off the release of their debut EP at the end of this summer, IYES are keeping things rolling as they continue towards their second EP with new burner "Gone". This one keep building upon IYES's signature electronic-pop sound that dubs itself upon the highest rankings of darkness. We get doses of both Melis and Josh's vocals on this track, both delivering the rawness of their lyrics in such a perfected fashion you'll be drench in emotion as your body continues to dance to the beat. This one brings a sense of security as it soundtracks those late nights when you're alone in your room with the night ready to capture your mind. Press play below and let the night take over.

Becoming A Ghost

LA's is the land of sunshine and days at the beach, but Oyster Kids are debuting this week with "Creepy", a track glimmering at the surface with a burning dark side below the surface. It's borderline Foster The People's joyous indie rock sound with Sir Sly's haunting tones boiling deeper below the surface with that final lacing of Glass Animals to possess your soul. It's the song that's going to soundtrack a day at the beach while a storm is rolling in, ready to ravage your soul. Press play below and let the haunting begin.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Not About You

Anna of the North came roaring onto the scene last year with her unstoppable debut "Sway". Things then settled a bit, and we've been waiting patiently to hear more from her ever since. This week, she returns with "The Dreamer", her best work yet! Riding on the icy tides of Norway, Anna finds herself surging towards a radio ready single filled with a burning chorus melting into a frozen production bursting through the tundra. It's this track that's going to crown Anna as the pop-princess of Norway in due time. For now, feel that icy burn from this stellar return from this rising star of Norway!

Bitter Like Coffee

Lex Low has been giving us some solid grooves for quite some time, and he's back with yet another one that's going to find it's way pulsing into your blood stream. "Addicted Lover" comes smooth as black coffee touching your lips and giving you that caffeine high you're body desires. It's that excellent R&B vibes mixing with that 80s pop synths that'll have you grooving and wide awake all night long. Find that high you'll never get rid of with this one below!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stacks Of Broken Letters

We've been crushing on Ofelia K ever since she made our hearts melt with debut "White T-Shirt". Today, she continues to make us cry our hearts out with yet another heart-crushing single "Gone". From the start you can feel all the pain that Ofelia delivers in her gentle vocals as they flutter above the piano accompaniment. When that chorus kicks in your caught twirling around the simplistic organ that fades back and forth from oblivion as Ofelia's lyrics just read as a letter crying out to a lost lover. Ofelia K definitely knows how to make us cry, but in in all of the best ways possible. Grab some tissues and prepare to feel all the feels on this one below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Get Used To The Vertigo

Riding in on the icy tides of Oslo's pop scene this week is four-piece producer collective TEIP with a debut offering worth paying attention to. "Friendzone" finds itself playing with the sultry affects of Rationale-like vocals as they vamp it up with a classic Scanidnavian pop production lighting up the night sky in the colors of the aurora borealis. TEIP truly have introduced themselves in the perfect way with this debut that's bound to be a spark ready to light up your night. We can expect more music from TEIP soon with an EP planned for release early next year. For now, let TEIP work their way out of the friendzone and into becoming one of your favorites!

Do It For The Thrill

Transviolet's been feeding out pop desires for the past two months, and this last week they dropped a star-studded EP that'll definitely be on repeat for the rest of the year. A highlight off of the EP is "New Bohemia", a new-age anthem ready to blair from the speakers of your car as you drive around town with the crew. It's a powerful track that delivers the message that we decide what we want our world to be like. Transviolet definitely has found their groundwork and are destine to climb to the top with this one as they deliver some rebellious pop offerings. Join the revolution below!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let Me Leave You

London has become the known playground for rising hit-makers as they find themselves positioned among a massive industry of collaborators. One of those songwriters is Chris Loco, who found his start with working with Emeli Sande, who was undiscovered at that time. Today, Chris Loco continues his reign of taste-making collaborations with another burner, "Ego", featuring the powerhouse vocals of rising star Raye. Rising from the ashes, Chris Loco brings this track in with flaming synths ready to haunt your soul. When the mood is set, Raye comes in ready to melt your heart with her vocals powering through anything in her path. It all comes together to bring one massive collaborations that's going to set Chris Loco and Raye set as ones-to-watch. Until we get more from both sides of this collaboration, find yourself engulfed in the fierce fire below.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Put Your Hands On Me

The world first got wind of Kyla La Grange when a Kygo remix went viral and had all eyes on her. After stepping away for a hot minute, Kyla is ready to load us with all the sugar on her latest, "So Sweet". Pumping out a massive feel-good hit, Kyla gives us these borderline Ellie Goulding vocals over a driving tuba-like synth that's ready to vamp your energy up a couple notches. Along with this new one, Kyla announced her biggest show to date at Oval Space in London on November 19th. Kyla La Grange surely will have you on one massive sugar high with this one!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ready For A Robbery

We've been long time lovers of KOPPS for years now and we always just can't seem to get enough. Ready to soundtrack your next night out, KOPPS bring you "My Gold". It's an explosively smooth track that pulls on all of the pop elements we need to get our nights started with the production of none other than Daniel Armbruster from Joywave. If you can't get enough of KOPPS after tasting this track then don't worry. Their upcoming EP drops September 25th so be ready to get your body moving. For now, let KOPPS take you captive below!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Seeing Double Vision

South By Sea have been delivering a strong roster of artists this year as they make it known they are here as a rising force. Today, they introduce to us yet another act we are obsessed with, Mackenzie Thoms. This LA-based artist comes riding in on the smooth R&B vibes that keep the heat coming fast and heavy. The verses have you cruising down a Cali highway speeding into that chorus where the city lights go down low and you're seeing double vision. Mackenzie Thoms is definitely giving us that sound we like to hear on this debut, and we can't wait for more from him as he claims himself as one of our guilty pleasures. Speed into those city lights below on this one.

Friday, August 14, 2015

This Is Your Kind Of Sin

WHITE has been drawing attention their way ever since they dropped their debut a few months back. Today, this Glasgow 5-piece is back and bringing the major throwback sound ready to drop you back in the disco-era. Their vintage sound come cruising down the highway at an accelerating speed pulling on so many nostalgic sounds you'll be feeling like you're no longer in the 2000s. There's a sultry sax and then those vocals that bring all the edge, all coming together to transport you back in time. Take a flash back to the past on this one above. 

All Is Clear

If you missed the Zane Lowe premiere of Neon Gold's latest Swedish sensation Johanan then you need to get familiar below with this one. Just in time for the final days of summer, where you spend your nights around the campfire, Johanan's debut "Go On (Let It Go)" has that perfect burning sensation that's warm at the first touch, but is scorching underneath the surface as you dive deeper into the track. The fire escalates in the second chorus where the flames go dancing to the stars until they die down to the let the embers glisten in the mist of the summer night. Finally, everything comes together for one final blow as things sore to new heights leaving you trapped in awe just waiting for what's to come next. Dance in the glory of the fire on this one below!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It's been said for years on end that Sweden is the treasure cove all things pop, and honestly, it really is where all the hits come from. Today, we are excited to be premiering the music video for another new Swedish favorite Violet Days. "So Dope" is a glistening pop track that runs smooth as an icy glacier. The video pulls on a very simplistic take drawing emphasis to the hazy multicolored wash-over as lead songstress Lina reminisces about a relationship. There's so many great things brewing here that we chatted with Lina to get a little more insight on what's to come from Violet Days. Read up below!

How did Violet Days form? 
"It started with me having a handful of original songs that I believed in and wanted to create something of. I met my band back in 2011 after moving to Stockholm and I asked them if they wanted to play with me and they said YES! and there we go."

Where do you find you draw your inspirations from when writing your songs? 
"I find inspiration in a lot of different things, but I often find myself digging into movie soundtracks and soundscapes, I like vibey instrumentals that trigger something in me. Also I mostly write my songs autobiographical, so I guess my own memories and life in general is a natural source to inspiration."

Should we expect more music soon from you or even an EP? 
"We are definitely working on the next release and have a bunch of songs that we can't wait to share with everyone. Hopefully in the fall."

What are the top 3 songs you can't stop listening to right now? 
"Right now I would say:
- Sufjan Stevens - "Should've Known Better"
-The Neighbourhood - "Afraid"
-Cold War Kids - "First"

Tell us how you came about writing "So Dope" and what inspired the video for it. 
"I wrote the song with 2 other guys last summer on a really hot day. We just played the piano and vibed in front of a microphone and the song kind of just happened. Everything just fell into place and I guess I needed to tell the story. The video is quite simple and we wanted it to portray that hazy lo-fi vibe that's in the song and mix that with some clips to give you a hint of the story."

Finally, what is one goal you want to achieve for Violet Days within the next year? 
"One goal is definitely to get more music out there and build a presence for Violet Days portrayed both musically and visually, and hopefully a lot of gigs too!"

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Set The Other On Fire

We've been long-time lovers of all things on The Jane Doze front, and today, things got extra special with their remix of our homie Lauv's debut "The Other". The Jane Doze take Lauv's heart-breaking debut and turn it into a smooth club banger ready to start your night out right. This all comes as Lauv continues to make waves with the approval of 1D's Liam and those Soundcloud play numbers rising. The spark is starting to turn into a blaze, and in no time Lauv will surely be causing a firestorm!

You’re Nobody Until You Know Somebody

New York songstress Micky Blue has been around for quite a while lending her voice as the icing on the cake to some EDM tracks. After taking some time to work on her own project, Micky Blue is ready to unveil the magic with her debut single "Dark & Stormy". This one is a cloudy cocktail slowly stirring in the magic as Mickey Valen's production explodes out of the fog in the chorus. It's a debut that will definitely draw your eyes on Micky as there is more to come in the near future. Dive head first into the storm below on this one.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby I'm Leaving

Will Joseph Cook has one hell of a knack for songwriting. He's been killing it all year and just keeps bringing more to the table. Adding to his feast of songs, he brings us "Hearse" off of his Proof Enough EP out now on Atlantic. "Hearse" had us from the very start where the guitars mesmerize you into a cloudy state setting you up to be pulled into the verses running so smooth. The chorus soars to new heights as it brings notes of sorrow and pain while keeping that nostalgia of a rainy day drive that makes this one so undeniably addictive. Get familiar with Will because there's no doubt he's well on his way to be a superstar!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Living It Up

Our favorites IYES keep up their delivery of new tunes this week with a true jam ready to rock your body all the way down to your bones. "No Wonder" comes at you in preparation for the release of their debut single and this one is a party jam worth blasting all throughout the night. There's the acidic synths that fuse with the hard beat ready to soundtrack your neon getaway. Get ready to zoom fast on this one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wonder When Your Love Ran Dry

Australia's Bec Sandridge came striding back this last week with one hell of a tune, "In the Fog, In the Flame". This one's bound to get your foot tapping from the very start as the guitars come strumming in over a indie rocker beat that'll have your heart racing. It's this cruising track that allows for Bec's vocals to dance with ease along the melodic lines that paint a masterpiece with every note. There's a haunting sense to Bec's vocals that has the hairs on your arms standing up, while giving you this massive sense of euphoria at the same time as everything comes together setting her up to stand out among the masses. Get familiar with this rocker girl because big things are to come. For now, rock out below on on this one!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Your Loves Crashing Down

EVVY first crossed our pages a year ago with her eye catching debut EP that showed all the beginning stages of a star-in-the-making. Today, EVVY is making waves again with what might just be her greatest track to date "Tidal Wave". EVVY's vocals come rolling on in on a massive rush over a raging dance beat ready to rock your soul with the driving house-chords making their presence throughout the entirety of this hit. It's a true technicolor hit ready to soundtrack the latter part of your steaming summer. Add some color to your life below with this one!

Fire's Taking Over Me

It's been a long minute since we last heard from IYES, but this week the wait is over as they release their lead track from their long-awaited debut EP (trust us, we've been waiting so long for this one), "So Crazy". IYES has always crafted their sound around their excellent electronic production as their vocal lines effortlessly dance across the twirling synths. This one stays true to this signature sound, while taking a step towards a buzzing dance fusing chorus. This wait has been well worth it as IYES always continues to deliver more than is expected. Lose your mind on this one below!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

[PREMIERE] Walking Between Heaven And Hell

Brooklyn's Peter Wise is taking a step onto the scene today with a debut that's well worth paying attention to. "On The Ground" is a track that catches you in a mellow state as the guitar strums deliver a floating sensation throughout the majority of the track as an ever so slight surging of synths hovering behind all the production. It's when you're in that comfortable state that this one pushes itself to a whole new level with the massive breakdown ready to sore to the heavens above. It's likely to note the pureness in Peters vocals as it compliments every aspect of this track. Take a walk on the tightrope below on this exclusive premiere below.
"On The Ground" is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They Are Bleeding You

A fire truly started when Rationale first sparked onto our radar earlier this year with a massive debut. After delivering a follow-up that exceeded our expectations, Rationale is brings us his burning "Fuel to the Fire", the title track for his debut EP. This track spews emotions of frustration as Rationale flame-throws everything he's got in the fusing synths burning away at the truths of society leaving you in what might be your deepest state of thought by the very end. Rationale's debut EP drops September 18th, but for now take a walk in the flames below!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Voices Screaming Out Inside My Head

Will Joseph Cook has been blazing a bright path for him the last six months with a perfect EP released earlier this, a signing to Atlantic Records under his belt, and another EP on the horizon (August 11th to be exact). After delivering our first dose of summer with the first single off of his Proof Enough EP last month, Will is back with another taste with "A Minute Of Your Time". He drives us with a his classic guitar vibes on this one as his lyrics drop you deep in his world. This one is a whole new step for Will as he just keeps delivering hit after hit. For only be 18, Will Joseph Cook has set himself up to be a star. Watch him shine below!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Colors Start To Change

Earlier this year Anteros came storming onto the scene with their self-titled debut track. This week, they return to continue their excellence with their new jam "Fade To Grey". It's those trickling guitars in the verse that'll give you a tingling feeling in your fingers as a rush of colors come into full spectrum. It's when that chorus kicks in your ready to rock the night away as the everything takes a turn into a multi-colored dimension. Stay tuned for more news on their upcoming debut EP, but for now get lost in the kaleidoscopic colors below.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lose My Own Fight

America's newest sweetheart Ofelia K had us from the very start last month with "White T-Shirt", and this week she returns with "As A Bell". This one brings a happier tone with the summer strums of guitars rolling off the waves as Ofelia's elegant voice dances over the tropical bells all the way to very end. It's a true testament that shows Ofelia K is that girl we'll all be falling head over heels for. Hear the bells ring in her excellence below!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Full Of Rum And Regret

Back in March we exclusively introduced Lauv, who might just be the greatest male indie-pop act we've seen in a long while. Today, our heartbreak hero is back with his follow-up to the unforgettable  debut with burner "Reforget". From the very start you're caught swirling in Lauv's vocals that fuse like a nuclear reaction with the buzzing synths. When that chorus kicks in you're hit with those pristine hooks riding on those cruising guitars rushing through the rain-soaked streets of your broken heart. Lauv has truly captured the art of the break-up song with his two releases thus far. Big things on the horizon for this one, but for now cruise down the heart-break highway with this one below!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Keeps You From The Dark

Oslo Parks are back with their latest track "Slipping Away" where they take us back in time to Cali circa the 1970s. This one brings a hot steamy disco vibe where you'll find your body twisting with the pulsing beat. It's got those old school vibes that have you breathing in that refreshing ocean air as the waves come crashing on the shore driving Oslo Parks undeniably brilliant sound straight into your heart. Expect some more news on releases from these guys later this year, but for now jump into that rush below!

Falling Further

Cloves danced elegantly onto the scene last month with her stunning debut "Frail Love" that made us feel all the feels. This week, she returns with another taste of her upcoming XIII EP, "Don't You Wait". This 19-year-old Australian delivers another beautiful piece of work on this one as she rocks you into a daydream with the lullaby guitars perfectly complimenting her soaring vocals that are ready to take you to the heavens beyond. The beauty of this heartbreaking track will brings you a rush of so many emotions as you're caught smiling at the perfection Cloves delivers on this one while also experience the pain laced in every note. Cloves debut EP drops late August with a limited release on 10" vinyl off of the great Duly Noted Records, so grab one before its too late. For now, embrace every emotion Cloves delivers on this one below.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good Things Don't Come Fast

Blasting onto Oblivious Pop is LA indie pop artist Layne. Her latest single Somebody is pristinely produced, adorned with spacious synths and percussion. Layne’s voice complements the production, bringing this song over the top. This single is the first release after her 6 song EP titled “Warrior.” Press play an cruise  down the fast lane below! 

//Post by // Michael Nitting //

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wrecked Your Ride On The Boulevard

We've been big fans of Mainland ever since they dropped their video for "Shiner" over a year ago. After spending the last year writing and recording their debut LP, the guys are back with summer time anthem "Outcast". From the very start they hit the ground running with some sun-soaked shinning synths laced with those Cali-beach guitars. The verses cruise down the freeway winding their way to where the chorus kick in and all you wanna do is jam out with the top down. Mainland sure has took a massive leap forward with their sound on this one making them ready to blow up your speakers all summer long. Feel the heat below on this one!

Howling Into The Night

Sweden has a newcomer to the scene, and we've been watching her tear up the blogs with her stellar debut "Tired Of Talking". LÈON delivers one of the best debuts we've heard this entire year as her vocals chime with the pureness of Vérité while hauling in that classic Swedish pop goodness we just can't get enough of. You'll be knocked away and left speechless as LÈON's melodies wrap themselves around you and float off with that a whistle leading into the dead of night. Shut up and press play below because LÈON here to howl to the moon!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Then She Wonder

We all know Drake is one of Canada’s most prized artists, but Shay Lia is definitely in the running. This Montreal based vocalist recently released this track and we’ve been hooked ever since. It’s introductory samples are unique and blissful, charting a path for Lia’s jazzy, dream-like voice, which reminds us of the one and only Erykah Badu. Make sure to check out the track below, along with Lia’s interactive video for her song “3 months”, performed with established producer, Kaytranada. You'll be feeling the chill for days on end. 

//Post by // Michael Nitting //

Closer I Get To Wasting Time

Tove Styrke stole our hearts over a year ago as she began her massive path from being a household name in her native Sweden to becoming a rising star in the U.S. After winning us over with her EP this past fall, Tove captured all out love with her latest album Kiddo, which is already on our list of favorites for 2015. She packed this one with hit after hit, and today, she delivers an exuberant video for her latest single "Number One". Tove straps on her kicks and hits the stage in this one, ready to tear it up with her dance moves as the rain comes pouring down. Tove delivers that quirkiness that makes her unique while giving some total edge making her one of the coolest kids around. Dance your worries away in the rain with Tove Styrke above! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Watching You Watch Me

London native, Azekel's (pronounced ay-ze-ke-el) "Mad About A Boy" is a soulful blend of cascading synths and smooth vocals. Reminiscent of artists like Raleigh Ritchie and Miguel, Azekel does an excellent job creating one hell of a harmonic atmosphere. This track is a sneak peak of the artist’s forthcoming EP, Raw Vol. 1, which will be released on July 12th. Check this one below! 
  //Post by // Michael Nitting //