Monday, December 1, 2014

Are We There Yet?

It always feels like there is something new brewing in the cracks of NYC waiting to make its massive break out. The fact is that is the case with such a big city centered around music, art, and fashion. Today, we introduce to you a new little something that's going to find itself exploding onto the scene soon enough. Your Underdog is a new indie project that's filled will all of the potential to bust out some massive hits with its almost-lullaby charm with traces of that Phoenix glory on with his debut single "No Swim Zone". The lyrics slide off the tongue like liquid doses of golden sun beams. It's bound to have you feeling like you're back in those summer days just soaking up the heat. Your Underdog is definitely someone you're going to want to keep your eyes on as 2015 is going to be year that's going to hopefully set him up as a potential breakout act the next year. For now, dive into the golden pool of indie bliss below. 

1 comment:

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