Friday, November 28, 2014

World Can Hear The Drums

R.I.P. MVSCLES. Well, kinda. MVSCLES isn't technically dead. This duo just went under a name change to WATERBED and are still busting out some massive electronic hits. With the debut of their new name WATERBED, they give us their new track "around" to celebrate with. WATERBED slowly sinks you into their wave-washing production from the very start. After you're fully involved in the bubbling waters you're hit fast and hard with the pounding drums that keep your heart racing as your twisting through the neon waves. It has the inevitable twirling feeling that rushes euphoric synths into every inch of your body. It's a clear indicator that the name change hasn't done anything to mess with this duo's flawless sound. Dive in and get washed out to sea below.

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