Monday, November 10, 2014

Throw Up Your Hands

Over the last year Australia has become a staple for busting out some of the biggest indie acts on the scene that all have the ability to explode onto the scene as massive super stars. Today, we bring you Love & Other Crimes from none other than the land down under with their debut single "Pray Woman" that shows us that pop music may be a big down there, but rock is still very much alive. Love & Other Crimes very much remind us of the older rock vibes that have been around for decade, which feeds all of our inner desires. It's when these guys also lace this older sound with elements of the new, your body doesn't know what is happening, but you're covered in heroin-laced lyrics that haunt every thought in your head. You'll find yourself craving more with each listen. Press play below and feed your addiction.


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