Monday, November 3, 2014

Take Control Of Me

We've been keeping our eyes on JMR this year as he continues to amaze us with each release. His lyrics flow off the tongue like the truest words from within that make your heart weep tears of joy. Today, we bring you a look at an unofficial video by Dillon O'Neal for JMR's latest release "Shivers" that's a perfected visual component to this already sexy track. The video is perfectly crafted to move with the flow of the track, taking things to an entirely new level. It builds on the lyrics pulling in on hazy colors that are dimmed yet vivid to your imagination. Dillon O'Neal clearly shows his excellence at his craft of photography and video in this perfect compliment to an already stellar track. Dive into it all above and be sure to keep your eyes on JMR and Dillon O'Neal. Big things to come from both. 

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