Monday, November 3, 2014

Sound The Alarm

As the winter months start to set in there's this sadness of the days of summer being long gone, but today we get one last taste of the summer heat with Golden Coast dropping a steamy new track today. "Who We Are" catches you right from the start with a familiar vocal effect that similar to Joywave's "Tongues". The verses are build upon Golden Coast's sky soaring hooks that are backed by sun-laced guitars. When the chorus hits you're instantly washed under into the neon ocean being pulled into a night-driven heat that's reminiscent of a solar eclipse. Hands down you'll take one listen to this track and your body will be lifted to another dimension where you'll be embracing the sweltering heat that Golden Coast brings. Feel those neon rays below and don't miss Golden Coast making their live debut November 18th at No Vacancy .

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