Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[PREMIERE] Chasing Your Shadow

Bora York broke onto the blog scene this summer with game-changing, summer anthem "Let Loose" that was the perfect pop track to have you grooving on that sun spell high. Today, we bring you their new single "Leagues" off of their upcoming album, and they sure have raised the bar with this one. Instantly washing you over with their retro beats, you're caught in the flux of this Minneapolis band's summer heat in the middle of this Arctic freeze. When the chorus kicks in the arena-ready synths send you miles high as remnants of 90s electro-pop pixels make their way into this overdose of pop perfection. It has that rush to keep you warm all throughout the year and is bound to send Bora York to the front of the indie scene this next year. Feel that summer-pixel steam below with the premiere of "Leagues".

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