Friday, November 14, 2014

No Way Of Knowing

This year we have seen a massive rush of indie pop acts coming from our home territory of the Midwest ranging from the likes of Bora York and Gosh Pith. Today, we bring you Detroit-based duo Sleepless Inn with their debut music video for "Karol Simon". With the primary focus being lead songstress Laura Finlay, you are pulled into the inner workings of a hazy vortex of neon colors that'll have you stuck in a state of hallucinations. It builds onto the Phantogram-like production that plays in the back seat of the sky-soaring vocals. Just one taste of this duo and you'll be caught in their addictive, multi-colored flux. If you're dying for more you can find more of their music here, for now press play and feel that lucid high above. 

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