Friday, November 21, 2014

Love Is A Taste Of Sorrow

The Night VI just might be one of our favorite indie bands coming from the UK. It's their delicate sound that laces itself with touches of haunting elements that makes everything about them so undeniably appealing. This week The Night VI have released their second EP DIY on Duly Noted Records, and their track "Fears" is a perfected ballad that's bout to make you feel all those feels. It's with the instant touches of their signature harp that you're floating in a dream-like state floating above the earth in the night sky. It's with the raw vocals and distant echoes of the guitars you're pulled deeper into this calming sun-laced state as the actual saddened meaning of the song floating over head. There's no doubt at all that The Night VI is proving themselves to be one of the hottest bands in the indie scene. One listen to this track and you'll be lulled into a pop-perfected state of dreaming.

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