Friday, November 28, 2014

World Can Hear The Drums

R.I.P. MVSCLES. Well, kinda. MVSCLES isn't technically dead. This duo just went under a name change to WATERBED and are still busting out some massive electronic hits. With the debut of their new name WATERBED, they give us their new track "around" to celebrate with. WATERBED slowly sinks you into their wave-washing production from the very start. After you're fully involved in the bubbling waters you're hit fast and hard with the pounding drums that keep your heart racing as your twisting through the neon waves. It has the inevitable twirling feeling that rushes euphoric synths into every inch of your body. It's a clear indicator that the name change hasn't done anything to mess with this duo's flawless sound. Dive in and get washed out to sea below.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Need You In My Arms

Made In Heights have been kicking ass for quite some time. After leaving us last year with some stellar singles, this duo made their come back just recently with "Ghosts", and  this last week Made In Heights continued their climb to the top with "Panther" off of their next full-length album due out in early 2015. "Panther" dives deep into your inner soul awakening the fierce ghosts that lie within. It's the combination of tribal chants in the distance and then haunting strings that plays behind Kelsey Bulkin's crystal-pure vocals. One listen and you'll be mesmerized into a state of dreaming, ready to hunt out your darkest dreams. Go on the prowl below and be sure to stream "Panther" on Spotify.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Love Is A Taste Of Sorrow

The Night VI just might be one of our favorite indie bands coming from the UK. It's their delicate sound that laces itself with touches of haunting elements that makes everything about them so undeniably appealing. This week The Night VI have released their second EP DIY on Duly Noted Records, and their track "Fears" is a perfected ballad that's bout to make you feel all those feels. It's with the instant touches of their signature harp that you're floating in a dream-like state floating above the earth in the night sky. It's with the raw vocals and distant echoes of the guitars you're pulled deeper into this calming sun-laced state as the actual saddened meaning of the song floating over head. There's no doubt at all that The Night VI is proving themselves to be one of the hottest bands in the indie scene. One listen to this track and you'll be lulled into a pop-perfected state of dreaming.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Treading The Water

Holy man! Earlier this week Robyn Sherwell released her latest single "Islander", and it is by far one of our favorite tracks releases this year. From the very start you're caught in the pounding of drums echoing among the mountain tops as Robyn's vocals rain down from the sky above in a euphoric manner similar to KT Tunstall. It's when tribal vibes combine with the harder rock elements that the skies open and a downpour of indie decadence drowns you. It's another smash added to her growing repertoire of luminescent pop hits. Press play below and let the rains pour down.

Do I Belong To You?

Fickle Friends have been on our radar for almost a year now, and we are patiently waiting for this Brighton band to make their US live debut after their signing to Crazy Heart Records. This week Fickle Friends drop a visual for their latest single "For You" that clearly shows all of their potential to break out as game changers in any pop showdown. It's their upbeat energy that catches your attention in their music and this perfected video, but when you dive below the surface you get this bitter-sweet taste from the lyrics and visuals that dive into heartbreak sending all of the emotions running around your head. Be sure to keep your eyes on this 5-piece band as they have plans to make their US debut this next year. Big things in store, but for now take a ride on the emotional roller coaster above. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

[PREMIERE] Chasing Your Shadow

Bora York broke onto the blog scene this summer with game-changing, summer anthem "Let Loose" that was the perfect pop track to have you grooving on that sun spell high. Today, we bring you their new single "Leagues" off of their upcoming album, and they sure have raised the bar with this one. Instantly washing you over with their retro beats, you're caught in the flux of this Minneapolis band's summer heat in the middle of this Arctic freeze. When the chorus kicks in the arena-ready synths send you miles high as remnants of 90s electro-pop pixels make their way into this overdose of pop perfection. It has that rush to keep you warm all throughout the year and is bound to send Bora York to the front of the indie scene this next year. Feel that summer-pixel steam below with the premiere of "Leagues".

Monday, November 17, 2014

On That Right Track

It feels as if it was only yesterday that Paperwhite had dropped their debut single that had our hearts racing and satisfied all of our indie pop needs. Fast forward to today, just nine months later, and we get the debut EP from this NYC duo and it's a masterpiece of raining synths laced with the purest pop vocals we've heard in the longest time. Their latest track "Gold" does all of this while taking the colors of a setting sun and painting them across the sky. There's always that nostalgic feel in Paperwhite's sound that literally makes us feel that all of their songs should be in movie. Paperwhite is set to make their UK live debut this Friday, November 21st at The Stillery in Camden, London. This is one show all of our UK friends aren't going to want to miss. Paperwhite's Magic EP is out now via Duly Noted Records. Take that magical journey with Paperwhite as they set themselves up as a household pop act.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Let Me Seduce You

It was only two months ago that we met Billy Who in the audience at one of our shows and in the moment that we knew big things were going to come this Stockholm duo. They came fast onto the scene with their Scandi-pop debut, and they return stronger than ever with "I Clean My Face". From the very start your hit with ice-covered beats leading into the seductive vocals of Olivia Sandell that take you to newer heights. The production resonates with every pop hit that's surfaced from this snow covered land. It's each darkened, electronic hit that you'll find Billy Who captures a cross between ASTR and Marlene caught in the icy tides of a rushing ocean. Dive into the frozen waters of Billy Who below.

No Way Of Knowing

This year we have seen a massive rush of indie pop acts coming from our home territory of the Midwest ranging from the likes of Bora York and Gosh Pith. Today, we bring you Detroit-based duo Sleepless Inn with their debut music video for "Karol Simon". With the primary focus being lead songstress Laura Finlay, you are pulled into the inner workings of a hazy vortex of neon colors that'll have you stuck in a state of hallucinations. It builds onto the Phantogram-like production that plays in the back seat of the sky-soaring vocals. Just one taste of this duo and you'll be caught in their addictive, multi-colored flux. If you're dying for more you can find more of their music here, for now press play and feel that lucid high above. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Your Words Running Through Me

Australia has been bustling with the most perfected pop for quite some time, and our list of acts on the rise just continues to grow. Today, we bring GRRL PAL, another one to add to that list of Aussie goodness, with their second single "Paradise". Their electronic production instantly rings with the likes of Lauraisa doused in vocal touches of Cults mixed with Crystal Castles. It's with each pulsating synth that you are pulled deeper into their electronic vortex of neon colors. GRRL PAL make sure to take you on a trip and send you miles into space. Take that journey below.

Finding Someone Else In Your Eyes

NYC's newest pop star RÉN hits the ground running fast and hard for the gold with her debut single "Time". All of RÉN's potential is evident from the very first notes as her luscious vocals dance delicately over the groove of multicolored guitars that float through the autumn air. It's the relaxed feel that send you into a state of leisure while she spills her inner soul into this Luca Buccellatti (Tei Shi, Yellerkin) produced track. Sit back and feel that autumn breeze on this one.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veins Fill With Desperation

It was only a few weeks ago that Oyinda had every single person at our CMJ showcase entranced as she tore down the house with her blazing live set all in preparations of the release of her debut EP (out today). This also marks the release of "Restless", the final song from the EP, that flows as thick as a raging river below the still surface. It's Oyinda's delicate lyrics combined with her show stopping voice that hypnotizes you into a BANKS-like daze and has you gasping for air as she pulls you deeper into her sound. Something tells us Oyinda has a lot more up her sleeve for 2015. For now, jump head first below.

My Mind Doesn't Care

Back in July there was quite some noise coming from Fantastic Fantastic as they dropped their vintage-disco debut that was the best soundtrack for any grooving dance party. After leaving us for a few months, these guys are back with new B-side, "The Night", off of a single being releases this coming January. Fantastic Fantastic pick up exactly where they left us this summer with some burning synths that rush through the city streets setting fire to everything it touches. It's their disco feel that has us reminiscent of all hits back in the 70s and has us craving more from this nighttime blazing duo. Get that heat wave below. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Throw Up Your Hands

Over the last year Australia has become a staple for busting out some of the biggest indie acts on the scene that all have the ability to explode onto the scene as massive super stars. Today, we bring you Love & Other Crimes from none other than the land down under with their debut single "Pray Woman" that shows us that pop music may be a big down there, but rock is still very much alive. Love & Other Crimes very much remind us of the older rock vibes that have been around for decade, which feeds all of our inner desires. It's when these guys also lace this older sound with elements of the new, your body doesn't know what is happening, but you're covered in heroin-laced lyrics that haunt every thought in your head. You'll find yourself craving more with each listen. Press play below and feed your addiction.

Keep The Fire Burning

After a successful run this spring at SXSW, San Fransisco artist 8th Grader has been continuing his reign of electronic tracks that clearly dive into a retro state of bliss. This last week he returned with his new track "All We Can Do" produced by another favorite of ours Carousel. 8th Grader pulls on this 70s disco funk that powers you through the fast-hitting chorus. It's the atmospheric hooks that have you addicted from the very beginning and dive you right into the verses laced with trickling guitars. The beat has that hand-clapping energy that will have you dancing on the clouds as the sun sets and the stars roll in. Feel those nostalgic vibes below.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Followed You But Couldn't Breathe

IYES have found themselves to be topping all of last years lists for artists to watch. Over the last year they have released a massive debut single that blew us away, a second single that made the little flame turning into a massive firestorm, and now they return with a visual for "Glow" that's bound to find itself on this years list of the best music videos. Its a full reversal of a moon-dust covered IYES restoring themselves to a cleanly perfect duo. It's an intriguing yet simple compliment to a track that is already pushing barriers allowing IYES to glow brighter in the night sky than ever before. Check out this Brighton duo shine in their video above. "Glow" is out December 22 on Love by Mistake.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wanna Be In Love Again

Dreams do come true! Satchmode makes their return this week with their latest single "Hall & Oates", and we are going nuts over it. The track is literally an instant 80s movie hit that finds itself dropping in the 21st century. Since releasing their first EP, the guys have add a full live band which has found its way into their actual recordings. Still holding strong to their dancey past, Satchmode incorporated a drummer into their recording sessions and it just might be the icing on top of the cake. Its the rolling of the synth and story behind the lyrics that gets your heart racing and your feet moving. "It's about realizing that you don't love someone anymore, and that once you've fallen out of love there's no way to bring it back. You keep clinging to the relationship because you desperately want that feeling again, but you know deep down that it's gone for good." Press play below and prepare to take a trip to the 80s.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Take Control Of Me

We've been keeping our eyes on JMR this year as he continues to amaze us with each release. His lyrics flow off the tongue like the truest words from within that make your heart weep tears of joy. Today, we bring you a look at an unofficial video by Dillon O'Neal for JMR's latest release "Shivers" that's a perfected visual component to this already sexy track. The video is perfectly crafted to move with the flow of the track, taking things to an entirely new level. It builds on the lyrics pulling in on hazy colors that are dimmed yet vivid to your imagination. Dillon O'Neal clearly shows his excellence at his craft of photography and video in this perfect compliment to an already stellar track. Dive into it all above and be sure to keep your eyes on JMR and Dillon O'Neal. Big things to come from both. 

Sound The Alarm

As the winter months start to set in there's this sadness of the days of summer being long gone, but today we get one last taste of the summer heat with Golden Coast dropping a steamy new track today. "Who We Are" catches you right from the start with a familiar vocal effect that similar to Joywave's "Tongues". The verses are build upon Golden Coast's sky soaring hooks that are backed by sun-laced guitars. When the chorus hits you're instantly washed under into the neon ocean being pulled into a night-driven heat that's reminiscent of a solar eclipse. Hands down you'll take one listen to this track and your body will be lifted to another dimension where you'll be embracing the sweltering heat that Golden Coast brings. Feel those neon rays below and don't miss Golden Coast making their live debut November 18th at No Vacancy .

Sunday, November 2, 2014

[PREMIERE] Hearts Were Meant To Be

What do you get when you mix a Norwegian background with the sounds of the UK? You get the mountainous sound of Ingrid Flosland. Today, we are premiering her latest single "Dare To Believe" that's powerful while remaining delicate with her perfected pop vocals. It's the roaring production that dives into the sounds of Daughter while giving us that nordic pop element that shines brighter than the sun. It's with the racing beat and the strumming of the guitars that you're lifted higher towards the sky with all of the dreams laced in between Ingrid's lyrics. Rise above it all with the premiere below.