Monday, October 27, 2014

You Are Golden

Earlier this year we found our love for all things indie coming from the UK from a long list of artists who were busting out some stellar debuts and turning heads left and right. One of the bands on this list was White Royal who had us lost in their darkened soundscapes. After nine months of waiting for something new, these guys drop their latest single "Notice" and it was worth the wait. White Royal have fully revamped their sound by giving themselves a polished studio edge while staying true to their true rawness. The track paints with shades of blacks and whites that flow gently around the simple touches of golden synths. It's with the progress White Royal has made it such a short time that we see nothing but bright things in their future. Definitely hold on to this one.


  1. Great find here! Eerie hug kind of music. Good eerie, not creepy warm, cheap beer smile eerie.