Thursday, October 16, 2014

You And I Collide Into Eachother

Paperwhite burst onto the scene earlier this year with a stellar debut that picked us up from 2014 and dropped us right in the middle of the 80s. Holding strong to their signature pop-magic sound, Paperwhite delivers their fourth track "Pieces" that's the perfect ending to any retro movie. If it's not the pounding dance beat that will have your body moving, it will be the catchy melody that will find itself nestled in your head controlling your every move. It's one of those tracks you see playing in an 80s flick as the lovers roll off into the sunset and the scene fades out into the rolling credits. Paperwhtie not only comes at us with a new track this week; they come barring news on their debut EP Magic dropping on Duly Noted Records on November 17th. All this work for Paperwhite has surely led up to this moment and we are feeling that power. Press play below and feel that spark of energy.

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