Friday, October 31, 2014

I Die A Thousand Times

Earlier this year LA based singer Rilan made his debut with his steamy single "Chemical" that had the nights blowing up with each stellar note. Today, we get our second dose of Rilan that literally will send your mind into a state of shock with his lyric video for "RIP". "RIP" finds itself delivered in such a manner that the roaring 80s rock/pop vibes mix perfectly with the haunting visuals delivered on silver platter. It's all of the visual effects and the perfected track that mixes so ruthlessly that your body remains absolutely still and accepts each grungy pop stab. Rilan has perfectly crafted something so stellar that it will be haunting your dreams for months on end. Dive into the most pleasing nightmare above. 


  1. Thanks for posting! You're fast! Happy Halloween! :) Amy

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