Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't Cry Now

Ánders first had heads turning a few months ago when he dropped his debut single "I Wish (You Were Mine)" that reached new heights of atmospheric acoustics with the slightest hints of electronic prowess. This week Ánderss is back with his second offering "You Didn't Need My Love" that might be the track to send him landing among the stars. Pulling on the mountainous soundscapes of Lo-Fang, Ánderss dives head first from the peak into an ocean of swelling RY X waves. Before you know it, the track begins to wash under icy tides with the SOHN-like synths that pull you deeper into the depths of midnight-painted ocean. You'll find yourself caught in the tides and unable to break free with each listen to this track that has no limits. Prepare to be swept out to sea below.

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