Monday, October 6, 2014

Cold Wind Biting Our Skin

Osca has been one big indie machine this year as they caught the attention of some taste-makers with their debut and then claimed their spot as one of the hottest act on the rise from the UK with their follow-up "Illume". All of this was leading up to the big announcement of their Blood EP that is going to raise the bar to even greater heights. Today, the guys release their third track from the EP "Around The Bends" and it bring all of their signature moves and more. Instantly swarming you in a static waves mixed with the rushing of piano rolls, Osca hits you hard with their joyous melodies that float effortlessly over all of the production. Once the chorus hits you're caught in a roaring chat of "ohs" that catches you in the rapids of a raging river. The track picks up its roaring sound until the very end where it launches off the edge, aiming for the moon and the stars above. Osca's debut EP drops November 17th off of our friends at Duly Noted Records. In the meantime press play and take a journey down stream below.

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