Friday, October 3, 2014

Can You Hear Them Searching?

For the longest time the industry's attention has been focused on places like Australia, Sweden, and the UK for the indie acts that are going to break out. No one would have epected it but there is a bustling indie scene down in South African and indie label SMACM is definitely an outlet to watch for all things indie-South African. Releasing off of the SMACM label is Drift Prism with the release of his debut EP. Within his astounding electronic EP comes his single "Escape". Drift Prism pulls on the haunting aspects of Hoodlem-based pulsing synthetics doused in elegant yet atomospheric-shattering vocals by Lenny-Dee Doucha. Its throughout the track that you get little hints of Laurasia-like effects that makes things so sweltering hot you're caught in a full-on meltdown. Watch as things melt off the walls and you discover a whole new definition of hot below!

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