Friday, October 31, 2014

I Die A Thousand Times

Earlier this year LA based singer Rilan made his debut with his steamy single "Chemical" that had the nights blowing up with each stellar note. Today, we get our second dose of Rilan that literally will send your mind into a state of shock with his lyric video for "RIP". "RIP" finds itself delivered in such a manner that the roaring 80s rock/pop vibes mix perfectly with the haunting visuals delivered on silver platter. It's all of the visual effects and the perfected track that mixes so ruthlessly that your body remains absolutely still and accepts each grungy pop stab. Rilan has perfectly crafted something so stellar that it will be haunting your dreams for months on end. Dive into the most pleasing nightmare above. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Shine Down On Me

NGAN has been providing the world with some down-tempo R&B for over a year now, but today she comes stronger than ever with "Silence". The track instantly has a lullaby-like sound as NGAN's vocals float elegantly over the clouds of a midnight sky. It's the softness of the track that makes everything about its glisten in the night like city lights bouncing off of cold air and then you get her doses of R&B style that calms your nerves. Float above the stars and into the calmness below. 

Fall To The End All

It's been a long time coming, but the time is finally here. LA via DC band Misun are finally gearing up for their debut album to be released in the coming weeks with the title track "Supersitions. From the very start you're pulled into a kaleidoscopic vortex of rainbow synths that have your mind running wild. The vocals twinkle above the feet stomping beat that makes it perfect to bring a warmth as the days get colder. You'll feel the heat and be pulled deeper into the flux. Press play and get lost in the illusions below. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

We Can Move It On Tonight

Back in May there was quite some noise coming from EKKAH, the latest girl-powered duo hailing from the UK. After stepping away for a few months, the returned a few weeks ago with their latest single "Last Chance To Dance" and the announcement they signed to Honeymoon. This week, we get grunge-laced video compliment to this already fierce track. the choreography reminds us a bit of Haim's "If I Could Change Your Mind" while stay raw with the improvised dance moves. If anything, we get that EKKAH knows how to party and are gonna prove they are disco stars just about to break across the horizon. Get that dance fever above!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Am Bound To You

We first introduced you to Talos earlier this year with his debut that acted as a bright glow in the dead of night. Talos returned this last week with his second offering "Bloom" that just keeps showing his precision for excellence. "Bloom" finds itself twisting around the peaks of midnight blue mountains, drowning out the sun and leaving the darkest of grays surround your body. The track just continues to twist and leading you  to find the haunting elements at your feet. Press play below and watch as the fog rolls in.

Monday, October 27, 2014

We Fade Away

Swiss duo True have been a duo we've been keeping our eyes on over this year. The duo has been giving us this electro mix of pop meets R&B that we just can't get enough of. They deliver another does of this perfection with their live video for their latest single ""Colors Of My Estimation". The video is pure cinematic genius with the simplistic blacks and whites that consume every aspect of the masterpiece. You get all wrapped up in the awe-inspiring vocals that shine with a hint of electronic effects that make it shimmer like a beacon in the night. "Colors Of My Estimation" drops November 14th via Mouthwatering Records

You're Looking Zoned Out

Our friends over at Duly Noted Records have been having been busy as of lately with a number of releases coming out this fall, and this week we get the second EP release off of this label from the burning producer J Tropic. We first heard from this Brighton producer in May with his debut that satisfied all of our party needs, and today he keeps us dancing with his third track "Who U Are". J Tropic gives us the perfect mix of Thief while diving into a pool of tropical sweetness. It's pure bliss all wrapped up in the neon colors of a burning sunset sending a heat wave into your bones. Feel the paradise steam below.

You Are Golden

Earlier this year we found our love for all things indie coming from the UK from a long list of artists who were busting out some stellar debuts and turning heads left and right. One of the bands on this list was White Royal who had us lost in their darkened soundscapes. After nine months of waiting for something new, these guys drop their latest single "Notice" and it was worth the wait. White Royal have fully revamped their sound by giving themselves a polished studio edge while staying true to their true rawness. The track paints with shades of blacks and whites that flow gently around the simple touches of golden synths. It's with the progress White Royal has made it such a short time that we see nothing but bright things in their future. Definitely hold on to this one.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Calling Up & Coming Tastemakers

Oblivious Pop has been working its way through the world-wide-web for about a year now. We've been working tirelessly over this year to bring you the latest and greatest in indie pop, all while working to bring you some original content online and live content through our showcases. As we look back over this past year, we are also looking forward to this next year at Oblivious Pop. We've come to the conclusion that expanding the Oblivious Pop Team is essential for our company to grow as a whole to reach new heights. We have a lot of exciting things in store for this next year and we want to incorporate some new talent into our team. All of this being said, we are happy to announce that we are currently looking to add a new writer/talent scout to join the Oblivious Pop Team as we begin a new trek in the Oblivious Pop galaxy. Duties for this job include the following:

  • writing blog posts 
  • going through submissions
  • bringing new discoveries to Oblivious Pop
  • scouting live talent
  • working to create new original content
  • and much more.

Please note that this position is unpaid, done on your own time with flexible deadlines set together as a team, and you must reside in or near the New York City area . You will be asked to attend meetings and attend shows alone/together. We need someone who's very interested in changing the music industry and helping to make their mark. To apply for this position please fill out the online application here and send a resume to with the subject line "Team Member Application - (your full name). We will reach out to you to schedule an in-person interview. Together we can bring Oblivious Pop to a whole new level.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[PREMIERE] Learn To Love Every Part Of Me

We first introduced you to Laura Roy, Canada's latest pop star on the rise, this summer with her single "Getting Back To Loving Me". Today, we get a massive team up as Epique adds his signature touches to this massive girl-power anthem with a remix. What once was a dance track has now been morphed into a trap influenced anthem that stays true to all of the pure-pop power of the original. Epique takes this track and turns the heat up. Things reach unheard of temps when he pulls the drop of a lifetime morphing Laura's vocals into a darkened state. It's one steamy team-up like nothing we've heard before and we've got the exclusive premiere below. Also, Laura is giving the remix away for free so download it while you can. Press play and feel all that power go rushing straight into you body.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Get Your Name In Lights

It's hard to believe that 2014 is quickly coming to an end and with so the industry is already making prediction of who's going to be the break out stars for 2015. Today, we have another one to add to your list with Chløë Black's latest track "27 Club". Chløë Black has literally blown us away with this track as she catches you from the beginning with smokey Lana Del Rey-like lyrics in the verses that paint lucid pictures reminiscent of a hazy bar. It's when she brings in the Lorde sounding "oohs" to back all of it up that things really find its heat. Finally, you'll hear her soul-ridden Jessie J vocals soar in the chorus where you'll be blown back 10 feet and knocked on your back. Press play below and prepare to see Chløë Black's name in lights. She's coming up strong!

Voice Of The Empire

Tove Styrke has been working the music scene for quite some time, but has just started making waves in the US this year. This last week she returned with yet another smash "Borderline" and provided us with the perfect video to compliment all of its perfection. The track itself is build off of a classic Swedish-pop sound with notes of darkened synths that rock with the waves of an stormy ice-covered sea. The video shows Tove looking fierce in an apocalyptic world. It's Tove Stryke showing that she's here to claim the pop world as her empire and nothing can get in her way. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maybe I'm The Villain

The pop scene this year has been dominated by female powerhouses who know how to craft a hit. Today, we bring you another one to add to your list for girl power with Ella On The Run. Having been around for over a year, Ella has finally caught fire to the blogsphere. Her latest track "War Of Words" is the combination of her perfect vocals, that remind us a bit of Vérite, all backed by rotating synths that dip their toes into a dance-like mood. It's infused with an infectious bass that will send cosmic waves through your bones. Keep your eyes on Ella On The Run because we only see great things on the horizon for her.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seem Closer To Finish Line

Earlier this year we came across Charlie Barclay-webb with his debut that delivered the perfect mix of electro R&B. After delivering a second single that was steaming hot we finally get his third track "We'll Work It Out". Charlie instantly sends icy synths that ride on his smooth vocals which will have your heart melting. The track doesn't have a banging chorus that you can through your hands up to, but its the the relaxed feel of the track that emits the perfection of R&B done right. He delivers wave after wave of pulsating synth in the chorus that your body will be washed clean. One listen and you'll see all of the potential Charlie has to offer. Check it out below.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who Is Gonna Save Me Now?

This past year has brought some upcoming artist who have all of the power to go beyond the sky and land among the stars. NYC's Ayer just happens to be one of those after delivering song after song that have been able to make us feel all the feels and even dance our asses off. This week, we get another one of those track that will have you grooving the night away with. Ayer teamed up with Keljet to deliver this "If It's Not You" that brings disco into the new age and proves that retro is cool. If it's not the funky vibes reminiscent of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky", then it will be Ayer's atmospheric vocals that will have you high on life. Take trip back in time below with Ayer and Keljet and don't miss Ayer burning up CMJ this next week.

You And I Collide Into Eachother

Paperwhite burst onto the scene earlier this year with a stellar debut that picked us up from 2014 and dropped us right in the middle of the 80s. Holding strong to their signature pop-magic sound, Paperwhite delivers their fourth track "Pieces" that's the perfect ending to any retro movie. If it's not the pounding dance beat that will have your body moving, it will be the catchy melody that will find itself nestled in your head controlling your every move. It's one of those tracks you see playing in an 80s flick as the lovers roll off into the sunset and the scene fades out into the rolling credits. Paperwhtie not only comes at us with a new track this week; they come barring news on their debut EP Magic dropping on Duly Noted Records on November 17th. All this work for Paperwhite has surely led up to this moment and we are feeling that power. Press play below and feel that spark of energy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CMJ 2014

With CMJ quickly approaching this next week, we found it no better time to announce that we are teaming up with Kaiotic Music, The Paper Box, and CMJ to bring you a showcase like you've never seen before. We've got a lineup filled with new faces you're going to want to check out before their massive superstars!

The night starts off strong with the orchestral-soul of Seattle's Shaprece leading into the a set by one of the hottest R&B singers on-the-rise Oyinda. Next, Australia's NGAIIRE takes the stage to blast us with her perfect mix of funky electronics over sassy vocals. Things continue to heat up when Marcus Alan Ward takes us on journey through his space-laced sound of  futuristic soulfulness. Then we get a hot taste of Tkay Maidza's  powerhouse set that's bound to tear down the walls. Things don't stop there though; we get a blast of our favorites with the lullaby melodies meets symphonic electronics of Australia's SAFIA and a pure-pop showdown with Wonderful Humans. The night is topped off by another does of Australian pop done-right with Okeyno sending out an icy set that's burning at the core.

It all goes down next week Thursday, October 23rd, so mark your calendars. Doors open at 7 PM and the show kicks off at 7:40 PM and is an 18+ event. The show is free for CMJ badge holders, $8 ADV, and $10 doors. Come out and party! You're not going to want to miss this.

I Can See The Light

The Night VI have been sending some massive indie waves from the UK for quite some time. This last week, the band announced their 2nd EP DIY along with their new track "Heroine". The Night VI does no wrong with this haunting track that sends gypsy vibes throughout entire track laced with nicotine guitars. If you're not caught by the hypnotizing spell of The Night VI from the very beginning then you'll find yourself being pulled under by the chorus. It's some of the best work yet from this UK band and there's more on the horizon. DIY drops November 17th via our friends at Duly Noted Records with only 500 physical copies being sold at shows. U.S. fans may not be able to get the DIY EP, but you can get an exclusive 7" Heroine vinyl via Turntable Kitchen in December. For now, press play below and find yourself on the edge of your addictions.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You'll Be Out Round One

Marian Hill are finally back after blowing our minds with their debut EP Play. "Got It" picks up right where Marian Hill left us and takes them to new heights of sultry jazz mixing with the modern electronic elements that have become so intricate in the pop scene.  It's lead singer Samantha who shows us her purest of vocals that shimmer when the harmonies all kick in and send your mind to its wildest of dreams. When the sax comes in all things sex get released and your body loses all control. Marian Hill pulls all of the elements of Sylvan Esso and IYES together, mixing for one massive track that's bound to have them reaching stardom within the next year. Marian Hill definitely has "that thing"!

Friday, October 10, 2014

All Of These Moving Parts

Coming to us from the realm of Halsey and Wonderful Humans comes a new band by the name of Flor with their debut "Heart". Going full-on from the start, this four-piece hits you with the pounding of drums that stand up to the likes of Young Rising Sons. It's when you listen even lower you hear the pulsating of synths that pull on the greater pop aspects of Dominique, all combining to take you on a journey through this massive pop machine. Flor's sound is packed with feelings of summertime highs and the beating of young hearts racing fast, all coming together as they ride off into the blazing sunset. Press play below and find the sunset as your destination below.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gave You Everything I Had

Last December Aria came onto the scene with a vocally stunning debut that had the industry on the edge of its seat waiting to see what was next. After leaving us for a long minute, Aria returns with "Shot In The Dark", and it's her best offering yet. It's the trickling guitar from the very start that starts the down pour of pop bliss. The lightning strikes when Aria's vocals shoot you like a bullet pushing through the dead of night. She give off the full 80s female power of Haim with that dash of vocal power of Robyn. You'll be gripping onto every note as she continues to shower you in every golden aspect to her sound. Press play below and prepare to blown away by Aria.

Hallucinations Of Us In A Better Life

Over the past year we've seen artists like Tove Lo and Marlene ∞ slowly break out and make a huge name for themselves as pop stars that are here to stay from Sweden. This week Sirena is coming forward as another gem from Stockholm. Her latest single "Chemicals" delivers everything you could imagine and more from it's classic, pure-pop landscape to her stellar vocals that shine through the night like a beacon of sun-laced hope. The verse are soft-spoken and sweet, but when the chorus kicks in you'll be blown light years away to where Sirena is soaring high among the stars. Take flight with this new Swedish delight below.

Inside My Hollow Veins

Back in August a new face in the LA music scene emerged from the darkness to bring his haunting melodies int your life. After giving us a hot minute break, AMAN returns this week with his second offering "Home". AMAN continues his reign of plasma-laced synthetics that have a death gripping hold on you, all while grasping a 70s rocker vibe that rushes through your veins sending you on an adrenaline high. The track brings a cringing feeling that lurks around every corner of your existence. Right when you think its gone it all comes back for one final call. AMAN will have you finding your darker side below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

[PREMIERE] Can't Love If You Lie

We first met Governors a few months ago with what started as two friends joining forces to form a new duo that's about to make some massive waves. After keeping things on the back burner, Governors are making their debut today with "Is This Love", and it's a hot rush of electronics. If it's not the scorching tango influence driving in the background or the buzz of the Imogen Heap-bass, it will be Matthew and Madison's excellent vocal blend of Amy Winehouse proportion that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Their lyrics hit you fast and hard with each swell of anger and passion, sending you rolling under the envied tides of time. Be sure to watch this space as Governors makes their way onto the shores of the indie scene, but for now get lost in the power behind Governors below.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cold Wind Biting Our Skin

Osca has been one big indie machine this year as they caught the attention of some taste-makers with their debut and then claimed their spot as one of the hottest act on the rise from the UK with their follow-up "Illume". All of this was leading up to the big announcement of their Blood EP that is going to raise the bar to even greater heights. Today, the guys release their third track from the EP "Around The Bends" and it bring all of their signature moves and more. Instantly swarming you in a static waves mixed with the rushing of piano rolls, Osca hits you hard with their joyous melodies that float effortlessly over all of the production. Once the chorus hits you're caught in a roaring chat of "ohs" that catches you in the rapids of a raging river. The track picks up its roaring sound until the very end where it launches off the edge, aiming for the moon and the stars above. Osca's debut EP drops November 17th off of our friends at Duly Noted Records. In the meantime press play and take a journey down stream below.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Can You Hear Them Searching?

For the longest time the industry's attention has been focused on places like Australia, Sweden, and the UK for the indie acts that are going to break out. No one would have epected it but there is a bustling indie scene down in South African and indie label SMACM is definitely an outlet to watch for all things indie-South African. Releasing off of the SMACM label is Drift Prism with the release of his debut EP. Within his astounding electronic EP comes his single "Escape". Drift Prism pulls on the haunting aspects of Hoodlem-based pulsing synthetics doused in elegant yet atomospheric-shattering vocals by Lenny-Dee Doucha. Its throughout the track that you get little hints of Laurasia-like effects that makes things so sweltering hot you're caught in a full-on meltdown. Watch as things melt off the walls and you discover a whole new definition of hot below!

Take Me Higher

JMR has been on his game as of lately as he dropped a list of hits this year making him one unstoppable force. Today, JMR delivers again with his sultry-smooth R&B smash "Shivers". This ballad is blended perfectly with the soft glow of candlelit synths fusing over a sexy yet distant beat that has your pulse racing with every hit. His vocals soar to new heights that rush through the night and lace themselves between your bed sheets. Find yourself getting lost in the lust of JMR below.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let Me Be Your Savior

L.A.'s latest and greatest elctro-R&B duo Tuch are making things steamy with their debut single "Unlock". The guys build on a foundation of ASTR-like electronics that rattle your bones and send shivers down your spine. Things get caught in a blizzard of frozen vocals doused a flux of haunting elements from the very start and continue to bluster until things drop down only to be resurrected again into a fiery storm of boiling electronics. It's a full-on contrast of heat and ice mixing to create a track that you're going to be chilling to for quite some time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't Cry Now

Ánders first had heads turning a few months ago when he dropped his debut single "I Wish (You Were Mine)" that reached new heights of atmospheric acoustics with the slightest hints of electronic prowess. This week Ánderss is back with his second offering "You Didn't Need My Love" that might be the track to send him landing among the stars. Pulling on the mountainous soundscapes of Lo-Fang, Ánderss dives head first from the peak into an ocean of swelling RY X waves. Before you know it, the track begins to wash under icy tides with the SOHN-like synths that pull you deeper into the depths of midnight-painted ocean. You'll find yourself caught in the tides and unable to break free with each listen to this track that has no limits. Prepare to be swept out to sea below.