Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[U.S. PREMIERE] Something Inside Of Me

Lovelife has been a band that's been around the block a few times, crafting a long library of excellently produced track that toy with electronics on ends we've never seen before. Like so many others in the industry, these guys know what they are doing, but it's rare to see a band come out stronger than ever with an acoustic set of their tracks. In preparations of their debut album and their tour with Alt-J, Lovelife is dropping Silk Road, a stripped back EP of the songs of their past and present hits. Today, we are happy to bring you the US premiere of the their stripped version of "Invisible" that's breaks down barriers in every way possible. The original track morphs with a high fluxing motion of electronics, but this stripped version keeps all of the emotion and expels it into the highest degree as the lyrics pierce your soul. The classic desert-rock, stripped-down production builds swiftly and rushes all of the cosmic emotions you could possibly imagine and more into your head. It's an ode to their past works as these guys push forward towards a new era in the workings of their debut album. Reminisce below with our premiere of a new take on an instant indie classic below, along with the stripped version of their latest single "Nova".

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