Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ringing In My Head

Vérité continuing her domination female pop magic with yet another instant hit and the title track of her debut EP, "Echo". The track brings a simple sense in the production with a beat that's pounding the through the entirety of the listen as Vérité's pure-bliss vocals float above it like a gentle yet powerful breeze above the rolling hills. The track has its moment of chants-like singing that captures your body in a dancing frenzy controlling your body with its every move. There's no doubt that Vérité knows pop music in the perfect ways. Her hooks entrance you and her songwriting is unique, all of which combine with her astounding vocal talents to have you listening over and over again. Vérité debut EP Echo drops October 20th, and be sure to pay close attention as Vérité becomes one of the major highlights of CMJ in the coming weeks.

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