Monday, September 22, 2014

Feel It In My Bones

NYU has been the hot house for young indie acts to capture the attention of all the right people with its mass of students that embrace a life of future superstardom. Joining the ranks of the  NYU powerhouses-on-the-rise is Dominique giving us a star-studded debut "It's Only You". Dominique finds herself floating in space among the stars as her ZeniF-produced track pulses of cosmic stardust into your very existence. Her Monogem-like vocals revolved delicately around the rotation of the synth loops that give all the depth of a pop hit. By the end of the track you're finding yourself being blinded by Dominique as she shines brighter than the sun and the stars beyond with all her shimmering potential. Put on your shades, turn the bass up, and take off below.

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