Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don't Say A Word

It's amazing to see what a years time can do for a band and to see how much their sound can grow and continue to morph into one big skyscraper of magic. With Cathedrals, we get just that as they drop their debut EP on Spotify today, a week ahead of their 10" release on Neon Gold next week. The duo has been slowly putting together the pieces to this project, and today that final piece is delivered with "In The Dark", what we consider is their best work to date. The track sends you on a wild ride as the mystical spy-theme guitars roar in front a high-intensifying beat. Lead songstress Brodie's vocals soar effortlessly making all the right moves to catch your eyes before their gone, leading into a massive distortion effect that has you mind on full-on meltdown mode. Cathedrals are working their way up in the game, especially with a few top-notch performances in the coming months, which includes their attendance at CMJ this fall. They're hotter than ever and on their way to bringing their pitch black mystics into the lives of everyone they can. Walk into the dark with Cathedrals on this one.

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