Monday, September 29, 2014

A Storm You're Starting

Earlier this year Halsey busted onto the scene with her haunting debut "Ghost" that had heads turning fast. After signing a deal with Capitol Records and opening for the Kooks, she's been working on the final touches to her highly anticipated debut EP. Halsey finally gives us a taste with "Hurricane" that is truly a storm brewing on the horizon. Halsey's voice reaches new levels as it awakens an agitating nerve deep within your body. The drums pound in the distance like thunder rolling in as the over all production sends you into a downpour of chilling fog. Everything about Halsey puts you on the edge with her ominous sound, while still keeping you in a state of calmness as you sit back and watch the storm roll in. Halsey's debut EP Room 93 drops October 23rd on Astralwerks/Capitol Records.