Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ringing In My Head

Vérité continuing her domination female pop magic with yet another instant hit and the title track of her debut EP, "Echo". The track brings a simple sense in the production with a beat that's pounding the through the entirety of the listen as Vérité's pure-bliss vocals float above it like a gentle yet powerful breeze above the rolling hills. The track has its moment of chants-like singing that captures your body in a dancing frenzy controlling your body with its every move. There's no doubt that Vérité knows pop music in the perfect ways. Her hooks entrance you and her songwriting is unique, all of which combine with her astounding vocal talents to have you listening over and over again. Vérité debut EP Echo drops October 20th, and be sure to pay close attention as Vérité becomes one of the major highlights of CMJ in the coming weeks.

Monday, September 29, 2014

[PREMIERE] Love In The Afterburn

Badboxes came strong on the scene last year with their debut single "JSMN" that circulated like a firestorm and even landed a spot on one of MS MR's legendary Track Addict playlists. A year later this Pittsburgh-based band is starting to bust out some more tracks that are definitely worth the listen. Today, they bring you their latest work "Trees". The track comes on fast and strong as Badboxes deliver their truly mesmerizing vocal effects over a grooving beat that will have you body moving all night long. Not only does the track reach new atmospheric heights with the sensual saxophones floating in the background , the guys deliver a controversial yet thought provoking message about marijuana legalization. It's something that not only is going to get heads turning with the excellence of the track itself, but the message the guys are pushing with the release of it. Along with this, Badboxes will be playing the VIA Kickoff Party this Wednesday, October 1st. Get your thoughts flowing and jam out with the exclusive premiere below.

A Storm You're Starting

Earlier this year Halsey busted onto the scene with her haunting debut "Ghost" that had heads turning fast. After signing a deal with Capitol Records and opening for the Kooks, she's been working on the final touches to her highly anticipated debut EP. Halsey finally gives us a taste with "Hurricane" that is truly a storm brewing on the horizon. Halsey's voice reaches new levels as it awakens an agitating nerve deep within your body. The drums pound in the distance like thunder rolling in as the over all production sends you into a downpour of chilling fog. Everything about Halsey puts you on the edge with her ominous sound, while still keeping you in a state of calmness as you sit back and watch the storm roll in. Halsey's debut EP Room 93 drops October 23rd on Astralwerks/Capitol Records.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Curtains Calling Your Name

EXROYALE is back with his third offering "Stuck In My Head" that continues his reign of perfect electro-pop play. From the very start you're feel the vibrations of a hard-hitting beat that pounds like a racing heartbeat. When the chorus hits you're sent into a sky-soaring melody that fuses with syncopated undertones. What really makes the track take flight is the sky-high vocals EXROYALE has utilized as his signature move. It all comes together for one big hit that's bound to be running around your mind for days on end. Another dose of your addiction awaits below.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pour Me Another Tropical Delight

Earlier this month Polarsets dropped their lead single for their debut album that transported us right back in the middle of summer with their sun-laced melodies. This week marks the release of their highly anticipated album and something totally new from this group with "Whispers" featuruing their new addition Carmen Green on lead vocals. Carmen's vocals sweep you away on a warm breeze over ocean tides all throughout the track. Half way through things fade out for what might be the final call, but everything revamps back up with the soaring of horns over a tropical beat that's reminiscent of tiki torches burning on the sands of the beach at night. Listen below and be prepared to be swept into a relaxing, tropical paradise.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

God Won't Talk To You

Yellerkin are back this week after leaving us for a long-minute with their new track "Tools". This New York duo gives us some major Grouplove wordplay in their lyrics as they pull in star-shining synths to brighten things up. It's the echoing howls that catch your attention through the entire track, floating in the night sky in an aurora borealis light.  It's when the arena synths blast in for the final call that everything is sent sky-high and dropping out at the very end to leave you in a free-falling state. Yellerkin definitely take you on a journey with this one. Listen below and get ready to catch these guys killing it at CMJ in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Melt Your Mind

Minneapolis band Grand Courriers are back with their second offering "Taking" and it was well worth the wait. Building off of some major classic indie rock, this duo defines themselves with something so familiar with their touch of Beirut folkiness, all while delivering a handful of roaring guitars that reach to the tallest mountain tops. Their sound is so rustic that you feel like your diving head first into a classic hit that had been pulled out from an entirely different decade, making their sound even more undeniably good. Immerse yourself below in your new favorite indie rockers below.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Feel It In My Bones

NYU has been the hot house for young indie acts to capture the attention of all the right people with its mass of students that embrace a life of future superstardom. Joining the ranks of the  NYU powerhouses-on-the-rise is Dominique giving us a star-studded debut "It's Only You". Dominique finds herself floating in space among the stars as her ZeniF-produced track pulses of cosmic stardust into your very existence. Her Monogem-like vocals revolved delicately around the rotation of the synth loops that give all the depth of a pop hit. By the end of the track you're finding yourself being blinded by Dominique as she shines brighter than the sun and the stars beyond with all her shimmering potential. Put on your shades, turn the bass up, and take off below.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Time Fly Past

As of lately the NYC music scene has been taking massive pickup since the likes of Vérité and Ayer made waves this year with some massive tracks coming from their front. This week the tidal wave comes stronger than ever with new comers Gemology hitting us with their debut "First & Last". This girl duo builds themselves on misty synth-pop vibes that bring a haze to the brightest of days. The verses are laced with an echoing beat all leading into a gust of breezy production in the chorus that blows you across the tops of skyscrapers letting time pass before your eyes. You'll be losing track of time with Gemology in all the right ways below.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conversations Fade

Meet Crazy Heart Records' latest signee PROM with their power-house single "Flickers". This Brooklyn duo come fast and strong on the scene as their sound reaches the highest peaks with each pulsating synth. The track pulls you in with the start of an vintage-laced drum machine. It's when the vocals and galaxy production come in that you're launched deep into space and caught among the flickering stars. Take off with PROM as they take into their world with this proper release.

Hold Out A Little Bit Longer

Wonderful Humans first crossed our paths earlier this year with their debut that had us hooked from the very start. This NYC duo returns this week stronger than ever with "Worth Your While". The track builds off of arena-pounding drums that echo in the night as lead songstress Amanda dances perfectly above the northern-lights synths. The verses are packed with all the underlying energy that hooks you from the very start. It  all leads to that anticipated yet still powering chorus, knocking you 10 feet back and has you running back for more.  Listen below because Wonderful Humans are, well, wonderful. Also, don't miss their live debut at CMJ this next month!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You Got Me Persuaded

Made In Heights finally return after making massive waves at the end of last year with smash-hits "Murakami", "Pirouette", and "Death". "Ghosts" is exactly what we needed to top off an epic week. The track dives right into high-intensifying percussion as the melody dances over every note with pin-point precision. The track is ghostly, but not in a haunting way. It's lightness takes you on an out-of-body experience, having laying among the clouds. Take yourself to new heights below, and be sure to add Made In Heights to our list of must-see acts at CMJ this year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Memories of My Prison

The Australian music scene has been getting hotter and hotter, providing the indie pop scene with some of the biggest emerging acts of today. After dropping their debut single "Rainmaker" last week, Brisbane duo Laurasia add themselves to the top of that list. Building on robotic electronics from the very start, Laurasia brings the purest of vocals that glisten in the neon dusk in Hoodlem-like proportions. This duo brings out the midnight sun in the dead of night that's blinding to your eyes, but its slow fusion lets you see all the multicolored effects Laurasia crafts with each industrialized beat. Nothing can keep Laurasia underground at this point. They're an instant hit exploding up the ranks right before your eyes.

Not The One

Brighton's Fickle Friends head all eyes on them at the start of this year with the release of their debut hit "Swim". With their follow up "Play" pushing them even further ahead, it seems Fickle Friends took a few months away from releasing new music. Five months later, we getting their third single "For You", and it was well worth the wait. The track picks up exactly where this Brighton 5-piece left off, sending you all the indie rock vibes that border a futuristic touch with the playful synth work in the background. They instantly throw roaring guitars at you and then it all drops out as an 80s groove comes in, having your body rocking. It all leads to an earth-shattering guitar solo that will blow your mind and has you addicted to all things Fickle Friends. You're new favorite band awaits for you below.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sometimes Love Isn't Big Enough

Miami's Brika has been on our radar ever since she crossed our paths with her single "Expectations" earlier this year. Today, she's back with her latest offering "Options" that's proves exactly why we've been keeping our eyes on this one. Her vocals ring in your head like Vérité mixing with X priest X and topping herself off with a Meghan Trainor pop-tone, all as she fuses jazzy R&B melodies with the hottest electronics you could possibly think of. You'll find ourself falling more and more in love with Brika as she delivers the purest of pop while having you lost in a haze of the darkened synths that buzz in your ears. Get to know this Florida girl below as she proves that she's big enough to become a major contender in the indie pop scene. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't Give It Up

Earlier this year The Dubarrrys graced our pages with their perfect indie rockness that had us swooning over every single note, all leading to them playing our London showcase this spring. As the guys prep for the release of their EP, they dropped their leading single "Undress Your Soul" that's literal perfection. It's filled with trickling Young The Giant guitars swimming effortlessly with folky Ásgeir-like lyric. The track starts of soft spoken but all leads up to the final call where the production picks up and reaches towards the stars above. Press play below and ride through the night on this one.

Not All About The Money

Earlier this year J Tropic came onto the scene and blew us away with an instant throwback-sound hit "Love Up". After making a buzz, J Tropic disappeared for a few months, but today we get another show-stopping tune from this Brighton producer in preparations of his debut Love-Up EP dropping from our friends across the pond at Duly Noted Records. J Tropic drops you right into things as he brings an essence of Goldroom with his heat-seeker beats, all while featuring some stellar, star-shining vocals that glimmer in the realm of ASTR's galaxy. Get ready as we crown J Tropic as the next hot thing for electronic music with his dance floor ready tracks that are going to get your body moving. Dig into this pop treasure below.

Burning The Ashes Of Our Father

Very little is heard from the Berlin music scene here in the U.S., but when we do hear something come from there we know its well worth the listen. Berliner-based band Deaths have surely surprised us by literally blowing us away with their debut single "Lonewolves". It's got all that grime and grit that chimes in the realm of a Mother track, while pulling on the darkened beats of X Ambassadors. Deaths have done indie rock so right that it's perfect for pop by creating something that has an almost spirit-like touch. They have all the right hooks vocally and instrumentally that you'll have this floating around your mind for days, slowly causing you to go mad as they take you to a whole new alternative church on this track. Listen below and say a prayer, because communion is served.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Could've Lived Royaly

Instantly hitting the ground running towards pop royalty is ROZES with her imperial debut, "Everything". Working with a Bel Heir and ARNOLD to produced this city-light-smasher, ROZES finds her vocals floating weightlessly over the shimmering skyscrapers. The track goes full on sky-rocket as the royally-gold, synthetic strings power through the chorus causing for a high intensity that leaves your body weightless in time. Listen below as ROZES delivers her debut on the gold plated platter.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Feel All Your Fear

Only Girl had heads turning when she dropped her debut earlier this year. This week, she's back on the prowl with a new star-studded single "Feel It". Instantly taking aim and firing toward the stars, Only Girl's vocals brighten the dark of night and turn it into brightened wonder ready to be explored. The lucid synths come in and act as a propeller to the perfect machine she's crafted. Only Girl clearly has the purest of vocals that stem from a Broods-like garden all wrapped in the makings of Halsey's R&B magic.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Young Love, West Coast

LA trio Lany is back with a hot new single "Made In Hollywood" that picks up right where they left off with their Acronyms EP that dropped earlier this summer. The guys build on their already heavy 80s influence with sky scrapping synths and a beat that's racing at the pace of your heart. It's got that neon color of a Betty Who hit with all the vocal stabilities of St. Lucia. It all builds to that final chorus where you'll be putting your hands in the air and sail off into the multi-colored sunset.  You'll be feeling younger than ever with just one listen below.

[PREMIERE] Don't Be The Culprit

The Wild Curve have been on fire prepping for their live debut September 12th at Glasgow's Berkeley Suite ever since the release of their latest single "Warriors". Today, this Glaswegian duo bring us one last drop of that summer-time blaze with the premiere of their visual for this massive hit. Sending a retro beach-fuse from the sands of Barcelona, these guys crafted a sweltering hot video that's trippy with its kaleidoscope effects. It's the perfect compliment to the burning electronics, all combining into one explosion that'll have you're head in melt-down mode. Prepare to be burning up with the premiere above.
"Warrior" will be available on iTunes September 15th.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hold Me In The Night

We knew something big was coming from Australian artist Lanks when we first got sent his music at the beginning of this year. His darkened production qualities, entranced his story book lyrics, were what made us know this guy was going to be delivering some big things within the coming year. Fast forward nine months, and Lanks is hitting it bigger than ever. He's supported acts on tour like Broods, and now he has his latest release "Brave Man" that has us swooning over every trippy detail. Fully reminiscent of the 90s, Lanks brings lucid guitars and builds off of that with a major Alt-J trip beat. It's like a rushing breeze in the dead of night that sends an instant chill throughout your body. Prepare to be swept away as Lanks comes blustering in on this one.

Don't Say A Word

It's amazing to see what a years time can do for a band and to see how much their sound can grow and continue to morph into one big skyscraper of magic. With Cathedrals, we get just that as they drop their debut EP on Spotify today, a week ahead of their 10" release on Neon Gold next week. The duo has been slowly putting together the pieces to this project, and today that final piece is delivered with "In The Dark", what we consider is their best work to date. The track sends you on a wild ride as the mystical spy-theme guitars roar in front a high-intensifying beat. Lead songstress Brodie's vocals soar effortlessly making all the right moves to catch your eyes before their gone, leading into a massive distortion effect that has you mind on full-on meltdown mode. Cathedrals are working their way up in the game, especially with a few top-notch performances in the coming months, which includes their attendance at CMJ this fall. They're hotter than ever and on their way to bringing their pitch black mystics into the lives of everyone they can. Walk into the dark with Cathedrals on this one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Woke Up On The Kitchen Floor

We've been obsessing over Huntar ever since he dived onto the scene this spring head first sending a tidal wave crushing everything in its path. Today, we get what might just be Huntar's greatest work to date with "All That I Want", and it truly is everything that we wanted. Huntar reaches new heights with his production as it layers itself with an echoing bass that shines with the darkened SOHN-like synths and is embraced with vocals that soar beyond the edges of the universe. Using the pounding of tribal drums, you're instantly sent into a massive array of color and light as we find yourself sinking deeper into the mirror-realms crafted amongst Huntar's library of emotions. Prepare to be for a wake up.

Can't Seem To Shake You

We've said it before and we'll keep saying it again, but we love when we discover new music from around our home region out in the Midwest. Coming to us from Minneapolis/St. Paul area is Go Get 'Em, Tiger with their intergalactic-synth, road trip hit, "Sleep Cyclone". This duo hits you fast and hard with their whirlwind of synths that morph perfectly with high intensifying 80s drums that have you lost in a storm of electro-fusion. You'll find ourself immersed in even deeper into and technological world as these two build into a fiery breakdown of epic proportions.  It's got that last taste of summer as we begin to dive head first into the colder months of autumn. Get that last sip of summer below.

[U.S. PREMIERE] Something Inside Of Me

Lovelife has been a band that's been around the block a few times, crafting a long library of excellently produced track that toy with electronics on ends we've never seen before. Like so many others in the industry, these guys know what they are doing, but it's rare to see a band come out stronger than ever with an acoustic set of their tracks. In preparations of their debut album and their tour with Alt-J, Lovelife is dropping Silk Road, a stripped back EP of the songs of their past and present hits. Today, we are happy to bring you the US premiere of the their stripped version of "Invisible" that's breaks down barriers in every way possible. The original track morphs with a high fluxing motion of electronics, but this stripped version keeps all of the emotion and expels it into the highest degree as the lyrics pierce your soul. The classic desert-rock, stripped-down production builds swiftly and rushes all of the cosmic emotions you could possibly imagine and more into your head. It's an ode to their past works as these guys push forward towards a new era in the workings of their debut album. Reminisce below with our premiere of a new take on an instant indie classic below, along with the stripped version of their latest single "Nova".