Monday, August 11, 2014

Take Another Drank

Meet Toronto's newest offering Kira Ilona with her sweet and sultry debut "Red Cups". Starting from an instant spark from the very beginning, things heat up into a slow-burning R&B hit as Kira sends you into a fuzzy haze with her soulful, King Avriel-like voice that climbs over the expansive soundscape production. The message is powering on every level as it depicts a relationship facing the struggle for a lover to put their attention in the right places, all leading for the pleading high from Kira begging for him to focus his love into her and not into the alcohol in his cup. It's all leading into those final moments when the haze fades out into the darkened night and you're left sitting there entranced by this steamy track. This is indie R&B at it's finest.

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