Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loving You Isn't Easy

Today, we are filling our pages with some of the hottest, female vocal powerhouses coming from the UK, and we are more than happy to add Layla again to these pages with her latest single "Fight The Fire". After wowing us with "Smokestacks" off of her Black Mud EP earlier this year, Layla is returning with her Weightless EP out this November. "Fight The Fire" brings all of the classic Layla sound we loved, as her distinctive vocals, still purer than ever, wrap themselves around bluesy electric piano cords and darkened indie elements. Her lyrics glisten in the dead of night like shimmering stars, bringing hope and power to your hurting soul. Layla is one of the few artists that we can listen to and then find tears running down our cheeks from the shear fact her music as a whole touches something so special within our hearts. Layla has done it once again, and there's no doubt she'll continue to her reign of emotions with more music coming soon.


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