Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'll Be The King

This week has been jam packed with literally all of our favorite artists all coming together to create some major hit tracks. Of these collaborations is The Chainsmokers teaming up with new-comers Siren to bring us an powerhouse anthem "Kanye" (note to mention Mike Del Rio of Powers co-wrote/produced this track as well). The track builds on the Chainsmokers classic dance-party production as the killer girls from Siren grace us with their decadent vocals, all combining to create that track that will be blasting out of your speakers will into the rest of the year. The Chainsmokers have seen major success from their instant hit track "#Selfie" that we literally heard in every club we went to during our stay in Europe this spring. Siren gained much attention with their debut earlier this year, racking in a number one spot on Hype Machine and then signing a deal with Warner that's allowing them to prep a record that's due out this fall. Turn the volume up because you're going to be jamming all night to this one.

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