Friday, August 15, 2014

Garden Of Your Ecstasy

Zella Day has been making the biggest strides this year as one of our favorite rising acts. After wowing us last month with her stunning "East of Eden", Zella is back with "Compass" in preparations for her debut EP dropping this September. "Compass" comes to us as a slow, vintage-laced ballad that's soft as  the blue sky while still possessing that powering quality that makes it emotionally moving. Her lyrics flow effortlessly as if they were a page ripped from her diary and put to music, opening up her heart and soul for the world to hear. The stars are all aligning and the compass is point towards Zella Day, and we can only expect her to reach her true destiny of superstardom within the coming year. Zella Day's self-titled EP drops September 23 via B3SCI Records.

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