Monday, August 18, 2014

Burn Just Like The Sun

About two weeks ago we brought you Ayer's latest "Fight Your Fire" that racked in the help of some other favorites of ours which included the production work of Ian Walsh of Bel Heir. Today, we bring you another track Ian put his touch on with new pop superstar Maggie Gabbard. Maggie just released her album Luminosity featuring her moody hip hop track "The Reason Is Here". Pulling on all the extraterrestrial synths that shoot her beyond the stars, Maggie Gabbard twists in her own pop-perfected vocals with touches of middle-eastern melodies, all mixing together for one massive hit. It's a burner that throws ash into the air and ignites everything around it. Watch as Maggie lights up the sky with her star power in this track below.

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