Thursday, August 28, 2014

[Playlist] X Ambassadors Embark on Into The Jungle Tour

With two astounding EPs, a tour with Imagine Dragons, countless superstar features, and some super amazing collabs with names like the Knocks under their belt, X Ambassadors have been rising to the top of the indie pack these past couple of years. Having teamed up most recently with Jamie N Commons for their latest single "Jungle," they earned themselves a once in a lifetime placement in the Beats by Dre campaign airing during the World Cup 2014. In addition, the guys also dropped the "Jungle Remixes " featuring remixes from KDrew and Great Good Fine Ok. You can pick up a copy on iTunes now. The guys are hitting the road again with Jamie N Commons for their co-headlining Into The Jungle Tour. You can buy your tickets for the Into The Jungle Tour here

  • Seinobo Sey, “Younger” - My favorite tune of 2014. This song just does it for me. Her vocals are incredible, lyrically it's simple and provocative, and the production starts very minimal and ends big. The hook itself is that perfect balance between the uplifting and the morbid. The whole "Live it up... while you can," vibe. 

  •  Lykke Li, “No Rest for the Wicked” - It's all about that piano part. Reminds me of something Kanye or DJ Premier would sample. Fragile and ominous.

  •  Coldplay, “Magic” - One of the best songs these guys have put out in years. You can't really shake the knowledge that this was written at the tail end of a divorce, even though the songs stands perfectly well on its own. Ultimately, that knowledge only serves to heighten the whole gravitas of it.

  •  Spoon, “Rent I Pay” - Killer hook, killer vocal delivery, very, very Spoon. This song is them doing what they do best; writing blue-collar indie rock songs. Britt Daniel is one of my favorite songwriters.

  • Common, “Kingdom” - This dude didn't have to make this record. He's an incredibly successful actor, probably making a decent living, with a couple classic rap records under his belt too. But he made this because album because he loves his city. He cares so much about it and wants to show the world how his city is suffering. Because the world needs to see it. It's a completely selfless, altruistic move on his part, and this song exemplifies how incredible this the whole album for me. Common is the king.

  • Lil Wayne & Drake, “Believe Me” - Just so raw. Great hip-hop record. Feels like Tha Carter V is going to be one hell of an album if he's got songs like this and "D'usse" on it.

  • Drake, “0 to 100” - Wooooooooooooooooo get em Drizzy

  • Future & Andre 3000, “Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)” - Just love hearing three stacks spit like this again. He's got that brutal honesty in his raps that can be both poignant, and funny as hell. When we gonna get an album, Dre??

  • Kan Wakan, “Moving On” - This sounds like music for the best car commercial in the world. I love the jazz fusion influences on this whole record. These guys have an incredible feel for rhythm and are so in the pocket with each other. My favorite part about this song is that Rhodes part. Steely Dan meets Adele.

  • Banks, “Goddess” - Banks has really grown on me. I think she's totally finding her voice as a songwriter, and on this record specifically we start to see this. It's dark, moody, and empowering. This song is a killer.

Loving You Isn't Easy

Today, we are filling our pages with some of the hottest, female vocal powerhouses coming from the UK, and we are more than happy to add Layla again to these pages with her latest single "Fight The Fire". After wowing us with "Smokestacks" off of her Black Mud EP earlier this year, Layla is returning with her Weightless EP out this November. "Fight The Fire" brings all of the classic Layla sound we loved, as her distinctive vocals, still purer than ever, wrap themselves around bluesy electric piano cords and darkened indie elements. Her lyrics glisten in the dead of night like shimmering stars, bringing hope and power to your hurting soul. Layla is one of the few artists that we can listen to and then find tears running down our cheeks from the shear fact her music as a whole touches something so special within our hearts. Layla has done it once again, and there's no doubt she'll continue to her reign of emotions with more music coming soon.

Life Swims Away

Frances has been causing quite the fire storm as she prepped for the release of her debut track "Fire May Save You". She had us going crazy with a little tease by releasing a remix of the track by Cesare earlier this month. Today marks the day we finally get the original, and we couldn't be more happy. Hailing from the UK, this girl has been making strong vocal comparisons to the likes of Adele, and it only shows more with this track as she soars effortlessly over the rolling pianos like grassy hills on the expansive country side. It all leads up for the final break down where the light hearted production takes an almost rock-like turn opening up the clouds above and letting the heavens drop in. "Fire May Save You" drops September 1st via Kistuné. Listen below as the Frances whips up an emotionally uplifting storm with this one.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hold You Longer Than Forever

Osca have been building up their game ever since we first featured them on the site earlier this spring. With their official debut "Blood" released last month, Osca bring us "Illume" that shines brighter than any indie rock track we've seen this year. Building on the classic chills of an early Coldplay sound, Osca infuses infectious melodies that soar high above the production taking things beyond the atmosphere and landing among the stars. Osca are prepping for their next show on September 10th at Electrowerkz in London, as well as prepping for some major release plans. Stay tuned for what's to come on the Osca front, but in the mean time get lost in "Illume" and "Blood" below. 

Eventually Will Fade

Sweden has a new duo who are coming hot on the scene with a smooth debut "Just A Memory". Hailing from the islands of Stockholm, Billy Who drop us deep in the depths of their minds as they glide over glacial synths while also delivering a major meltdown with the tropical beat backing Olivia Sandell's light yet depth-defying vocals. Their production elements, crafted by Eric Ahlqvist, remind us of the chill pop sounds of a Ji Nilsson anthem, all while tying together the perfect hooks to be floating around your mind for days on end. We are expecting big things from these Swedes in the coming year as they deliver all the makings for perfect Scandinavian pop that's already pushing the envelope. Take a listen below and get lost in the memories of the past.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On The Edge Of A Shotgun

Vérité stole our hearts last month as she made an official debut with "Strange Enough" that had us on a whirlwind story of being on the edge of falling out of love. Today, she's back with a sophomore release that dives back into her classic pop/rock edge she showed us on "Heartbeat" by delivering "Weekend", the perfect song to get you through the final days of summer. Instantly hooking us with her powering Sia like "ohs", Vérité drops things low with a vividly pleasing verse with pounding 80s drums backing her every move. All of this leads up to her irresistible chorus that you'll be singing your heart to every time you hear it. If you can't get enough of Vérité after giving us two astounding singles, then be prepared to hit up her live debut at Neon Gold's Popshop here in NYC  on September 18th. You're gonna want to see this one as she rises to the top of her game to push every competitor aside, finding herself reaching pop royalty status quicker than expected.

The Extreme Of You

Oslo Parks stormed onto the scene last month with their debut single "Twin" on UK label X Novo, also home to another favorite Phoria. After sending us their disco-vibes last month, Oslo Park park returns after leaving us for a hot-minute with "The Night". This duo picks up right where they left off giving us that vintage vibes of Jungle while fusing pop-hit magic in their lyrics that swirl around a Metronomy melody. Things get hot and steamy half way through the track as Oslo Parks break into a synth build-up that takes things to a whole new level, blowing out your circuits and sending you into a heated meltdown. Oslo Parks are don't bringing their game; they currently have some major remixes in the pipeline and are making their live debut on October 2nd in Brighton at Green Door Store. Listen below and watch as you're mind explodes in all the right ways.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thought A Lot About You

Australia has been a major hub this past year for busting out some of the most soulful singers we've seen around. This streak continues today as we bring you Jesse Davidson's latest track "Ocean". With a few other tracks under his belt, Jesse is delivering a crystalized mix of icy, Mars synths that drop an ominous feeling deep in your soul. His vocals dance in the realm of Chet Faker as the soundscapes flux and flow like waves crashing upon the shores of a rain-soaked beach. You'll be lost in the storminess that Jesse delivers, while also being slowly rocked into a calming existence that will have your mind in a state of numbness as you listen below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't Try To Tell Me

If you remember back in May we featured Netherlands' singer Nick Klein with his steamy cover of Feist's "Limit To Your Love". After our first listen we knew there was something brewing underneath it and today all of it was revealed with "Break Away". Building on a star-crossed Astronomyy based vocals mixing with a James Blake blues twist, Nick Klein elegantly floats above steamy jungle beats in as the humidity rises with the tropical synths. There's so many phenomenal things happening here as Nick truly has delivered his best work to date. There's definitely more to come on the horizon and great things in store. Keep an eye on this kid as he break away as a leading competitor for the top of the indie pop game.

Love You Pure And Clean

After coming onto the scene earlier this year with debut single "Nightfall", London duo Little Shoes Big Voice have truly captured the concept of the second single smash with "Blue Veins". This track is pure bliss in every way possible giving us the vocal notes of a Broods jam that glisten on the tops of the city sky scrapers. As the clean-washed vocals come in you get a hot fusion of Cathedrals exploding with Vaults to create a luminescent soundscape. This all comes together to create a hit that's got all the groove to keep you on the edge of your seat while sending the chillest of vibes into your soul with every bluesy note. Get to know these Londoners because their name stays true to what they have -- a big voice and an even bigger ability to be a break out act this year!

Turn Me Into A Monster

JMR has been around for a hot minute, dropping hit after electronic-busting hit this year that hasn't disappointed anybody. After teaming up with another favorite of ours, Exroyale, to deliver a steamy city street track, JMR is back with what might just be his best work yet. "Doesn't Feel Human" instantly throws you in a pulsating synth riff that fuses through the chorus and tosses you back into the strumming of grooving guitars at the verses. It's this twisting back and forth that has you fighting between a delicate dream land the rough reality we all face. Your mind will be winding down a darkened highway ready to get lost in the lust of another's touch. Sit back and take a drive below.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Don't Need No Education

One of the hottest tracks of the summer has just dropped this week by none other than Golden Coast, the latest LA duo we introduced you to last month. Their latest single "Dream And An MPC" is a full-on flux of 90s imagination as it hits you head first with the hooks on rebel-kid hooks and infectiously cosmic synths. Golden Coast will have you turning the stereo up higher and higher as you feel the thumping of the vintage MPC pounding to the beat of your heart sending you into a dancing craze for days on end. Let loose and rebel below!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[LIVE] Broken Luxury + Worshyper + Emerson Jay + Power Animal

This past year Oblivious Pop has quite literally been around the world and back. From starting off our live shows with a quick one-off last fall, we kept going and took things international with our London showcase this spring by teaming up with The Dubarrys, Sarah Leo, and Novo Amor. After taking a few months off to get our footing back here in NYC, we are proud to announce our biggest show to date! We're teaming up with The Paper Box in Williamsburg to bring you NYC's latest electronic duo Broken Luxury with Philly super-trio Worshyper. Not to mention we have Emerson Jay making their NYC debut and the the darkened sounds of Power Animal. Prepare yourself for this full fledge electronic infused night as we dance the night away. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door and can be bought HERE. You're not going to want to miss this one. It all goes down September 25th!

Just A Slap In The Face

London has a new duo by that name of PARLA that's making major strides with their heart-felt debut "I've Been A Mess" that'll send tears running down your eyes with every pulsing synth flux. Parla instantly immerses you into a synth-ridden soundscape of darkened waters. As the track pulls forward you get a rush of heart-wrenching lyrics that wash and wrap themselves around your head. It's a heartbreaking ballad that will soundtrack all of your gloom-ridden days. Take a listen and prepare to feel all the feels.

Hey There Gypsy Girl

Meet Melbourne's Who Is Zoe who are hot on the rise with their latest single "We Have Nothing Left To Fear". Pulling on ties of a indie rock meets folk sound, Who Is Zoe craft a track that is as lyrical as a mountainous Ásgeir track mixing with the delightful yet darkened vocal touches of Little May. The track is simple yet filled with the power and energy to break through any barriers and set itself soaring into the sky. Watch as this Australian trio takes flight and goes beyond the moon and the stars.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm No Monster

Racing Glaciers have been one of the hottest bands on the rise in the UK ever since crossing our pages back in January with "First Light". It's been a hot minute as these guys prepped us with countless other hits, all leading up for the release of their Don't Wait For Me EP with lead single "Animal" hitting the ground running as their best work yet. The guys stay true to their own sound as they craft their rock backgrounds with galaxy-bound synths delivering a touch of The Killers. "Animal" has that grit you crave while still keeping you calm with their pristine lyrics crafting a track perfect to blast on the road. Turn the car one and the radio up and take in the views with Racing Glaciers as your soundtrack.

Burn Just Like The Sun

About two weeks ago we brought you Ayer's latest "Fight Your Fire" that racked in the help of some other favorites of ours which included the production work of Ian Walsh of Bel Heir. Today, we bring you another track Ian put his touch on with new pop superstar Maggie Gabbard. Maggie just released her album Luminosity featuring her moody hip hop track "The Reason Is Here". Pulling on all the extraterrestrial synths that shoot her beyond the stars, Maggie Gabbard twists in her own pop-perfected vocals with touches of middle-eastern melodies, all mixing together for one massive hit. It's a burner that throws ash into the air and ignites everything around it. Watch as Maggie lights up the sky with her star power in this track below.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Garden Of Your Ecstasy

Zella Day has been making the biggest strides this year as one of our favorite rising acts. After wowing us last month with her stunning "East of Eden", Zella is back with "Compass" in preparations for her debut EP dropping this September. "Compass" comes to us as a slow, vintage-laced ballad that's soft as  the blue sky while still possessing that powering quality that makes it emotionally moving. Her lyrics flow effortlessly as if they were a page ripped from her diary and put to music, opening up her heart and soul for the world to hear. The stars are all aligning and the compass is point towards Zella Day, and we can only expect her to reach her true destiny of superstardom within the coming year. Zella Day's self-titled EP drops September 23 via B3SCI Records.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Anywhere You Wanna Go

The Polarsets are gearing up for a highly anticipated debut album due out September 21st, and today they have our hearts pounding over their second single "Parasols". Combining a total cross over of Bombay Bicycle Club's lyrical wonders with St. Lucia's fully-sun ridden synths, Polarsets have sent us from sitting in a dim-lit office to laying under the sun on a beach far away from hectic city life. This UK four-piece is definitely making strides to push themselves ahead of the pack and bringing us all the right vibes for a track that's going to last a lifetime. Get washed away in the heat-seeking vibes below.

I'd Be living A Lie If I Didn't Say

Earlier this week Goldroom washed us over with a golden wave of hazy sunlight in the dead of night with "Till Sunrise". Today, Belgium's Pacifico takes his spin on this steamy remix sending it into a glacial soundscape that's slowly melting under the heat of the steamy vocals provided by Mammals. Pacifico takes the perfect balance of Goldroom's already pin-perfect track and sends it into a whole new universe that's translucent yet so full of energy that it calms you while you're heart continues to pound in excitement. You'll find yourself entranced on the sun as it sets itself along the horizon and sends you into the multi-colored night sky.

There Is No Religion

David Harks continues his summer song series today with a "Open Arms" that's going to get your body moving late into the final calls of summer. Backing himself with a pounding beat that's Disclosure dance-club worthy, he pulls into the mix the steamiest of tropical steel-drum synths that channel a Goldroom smash. It takes a front seat position in the streamline pianos that rush into your head and have you seeing all that stands before you. Jump in head first into this tropical offering from David Harks below.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trying To Touch The Sun

Liverpool's Natalie McCool has been turning heads for quite some time with a long list of accomplishments backing her. Today, we get a new taste of Natalie with her latest single "Dig It Out" that's as laid-back like a hazy sunset slowly dropping behind the golden horizon. Her sound is a mix of Kate Miller's cool and laid back rock vibes mixing with the pure crystalline vocals of a Jessie Ware track that rushes all the emotions into your heart and soul. Natalie McCool is really gearing up to be an artist that has all the potential to break through the scene and really come out strong with this single. Keep your eyes on this one as she reaches for the sun and stars beyond. "Dig It Out" drops on Young & Lost Club on September 15th.

Tell Me No Lies

Manchester's Young War has been around for some time now, but this week marks the release of their epic Trinity EP dropping on Just Off Pop Records. With two promising songs off of the EP already out, we now get the third and final track "Eyes Closed" that's sends you into a state of haunted disarray. Dropping you head first into a holy wave of cathedral vocals, Young War pulls you deeper into a celestial state of being crossed with the fusion of the heat of the moment and the iciness of the synths. Young War have crafted an full-on depth-defying experience with this EP. Listen and prepare to be washed away into the  dead of night. Pick up your copy here.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Take Another Drank

Meet Toronto's newest offering Kira Ilona with her sweet and sultry debut "Red Cups". Starting from an instant spark from the very beginning, things heat up into a slow-burning R&B hit as Kira sends you into a fuzzy haze with her soulful, King Avriel-like voice that climbs over the expansive soundscape production. The message is powering on every level as it depicts a relationship facing the struggle for a lover to put their attention in the right places, all leading for the pleading high from Kira begging for him to focus his love into her and not into the alcohol in his cup. It's all leading into those final moments when the haze fades out into the darkened night and you're left sitting there entranced by this steamy track. This is indie R&B at it's finest.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'll Be The King

This week has been jam packed with literally all of our favorite artists all coming together to create some major hit tracks. Of these collaborations is The Chainsmokers teaming up with new-comers Siren to bring us an powerhouse anthem "Kanye" (note to mention Mike Del Rio of Powers co-wrote/produced this track as well). The track builds on the Chainsmokers classic dance-party production as the killer girls from Siren grace us with their decadent vocals, all combining to create that track that will be blasting out of your speakers will into the rest of the year. The Chainsmokers have seen major success from their instant hit track "#Selfie" that we literally heard in every club we went to during our stay in Europe this spring. Siren gained much attention with their debut earlier this year, racking in a number one spot on Hype Machine and then signing a deal with Warner that's allowing them to prep a record that's due out this fall. Turn the volume up because you're going to be jamming all night to this one.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

River Flows Too Fast

What might just be the next hottest act in the pop sphere is slowly but surely making her rise to fame. Releasing her earth-shattering debut single "Coming Up For Air" earlier this year, Frances caught the eyes of all the right people, leading to her signing with Kitsuné. As things lead up for her first official release on the Parisian label, Cesare crafted a flawless remix of "Fire May Save You". From the start we get a girl-power infused MØ sound that drifts into a house anthem as Frances's vocals dive deep into the realms of Florence and the Machine. One listen and Frances will rejuvenate with her unforgettable voice that runs over you like a elegant flowing river. Frances's debut single drops September 1st.

Down To The Wire

After coming hot on the scene last fall with his debut "Circle Down", Ayer is delivering his fourth offering "Fight Your Fire". Building off of his surging synths that take you to on intergalactic journey, Ayer does a little switch up on this R&B slow-burner by teaming up with producers Arnold & Bel Heir. With this new release under his belt, Ayer is building up for his live debut this Saturday, August 9th at Brooklyn Bazaar (it's FREE entry) with Ghost Beach, DOM, & Dreamers, and it's one you're not going to want to miss.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tell Me That I'm Crazy

Last week LA artist AMAN delivered "Haunted", a track that pulses under your skin and twists your mind into ominous memories. AMAN takes all the workings of Mother's translucent sounds and mixes it with a Jaymes Young-like chorus, all coming together to craft a track that's twisting through a maze filled with eery synthetics and powering vocals that knock you of your feet. It has all of the aspects to be something that's going to haunt you in all of the best ways possible as he spills his inner demons onto this debut. Listen below and get to know the dark side of AMAN from start to finish.