Monday, July 7, 2014

You Feel The Magic

French singer Petite Meller first had us devoted to her sound with the undeniably addictive track "Backpack" that came across our paths just earlier this summer. Now riding off on the success of a track that's still going viral, she's showing us more of her hard work with "NYC Time", a track that is truly magical in every sense of New York City's exuberant feelings that are  instilled in you as you blindly wander the awe-striking streets. The track is light like the clouds on a sunny day with the glistening bells infused with an essence of jazz that act as the driving force throughout. Perhaps the most addictive part about Petite Meller is her one-of-a-kind baby voice that's like nothing we've ever heard. Go on and feel the magic that is Petite Meller with this track that will have you floating at the top of the empire state building.

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