Thursday, July 3, 2014

We Keep Pretending

A few weeks ago Flordia duo Palmedo became one of our favorite duos on the rise, and today we are no longer a "secret lover" of these two. The release of their debut EP Thread has our hearts racing with a full-effect of 80s soul pop that dives into the jungle synths of St. Lucia fully immersing us in rainforest beats. The leading track "Adore" had our hearts at first listen sending us into a crazy thick of love-laced lyrics that climb like leafy vines up the trees of thick forest and leading you to the expansive view on the tops of the leaves. With a producer who's busted out big powerhouses on the rise like X Priest X there's no doubt that Palmedo will find themselves climb higher than just the tops of the trees; they'll be climbing to the stars and beyond.

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