Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[PREMIERE] Picking Up the Pieces

Hailing from Halifax, Canada comes artist-on-the-rise Laura Roy with her feel-good banger "Getting Back To Loving Me". Laura Roy comes front and center after years of honing her stellar songwriting ability. "Getting Back To Loving Me" hits you in the right way with its Cascada-like house chords that sends the adrenaline into your blood stream and prepares you for the JoJo girl-power chorus that will be dancing through your mind. Laura Roy's voice is ripe with perfection as it soars over the the production in the most graceful of ways. It's going to be one of those summer anthems that's bound to make strides in crafting Laura as a major player in pop. Check out the exclusive premiere below and pick up your copy of the track on iTunes now.


  1. I love it! A strong message for young and old!

  2. This song is fantastic!! I can dance to this all day.

  3. Nice song! I like her soundcloud songs too.