Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Living Our Lives Half Asleep

Last week we listed the awe-striking Vérité in the top 50 pick for our Half Year Review. She won our hearts over with her debut single "Heartbeat", and today we finally get our second taste of this New York superstar with "Strange Enough". Vérité's undeniably pure, Jessie Ware-like vocals swirl into your heart awakening you in the dead of night as the chorus hits every nerve ending in your body with its lucidness. The track pushes all of the emotions and questions one faces in a relationship on the edge of falling through going back and forth between the good and the bad memories. Vérité is well on her way to becoming on of the biggest stand outs artists in pop this year and we couldn't be happier to watch her climb to the top as she crafts her debut EP with Elliot Jacobson. Definitely big things from this girl yet to come.

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