Monday, July 14, 2014

Let Me Be Something You Use Up

Jack Garratt has been making quite a splash this spring with the release of his debut single and a few others that had our heads spinning. After snagging a spot on our Half Year Review, Jack Garratt is now releasing his debut EP Remnants that is packed with all of our favorites and a new track. The EP starts things off right with his powering hit "Water" that brings the blues to a whole new level with this earth shattering chorus. Once "Water" rattles your bones, things settle into a calming yet awe-striking song called "I Couldn't Want You Anyways", which is familiar as his debut that graced the internet and disappeared into thin air shortly after, leaving no traces of until now. This track washes your soul with silky-smooth ocean water sending you into an emotional state of relaxation. After soothing your soul, Jack Garratt is back with his power with "Worry" that's filled with the soulful chorus that will have you singing every single word. The EP comes to an end with the title-track "Remnants". The track is dark and haunting in every way imaginable. Jack's voice is distant as a haunting synth echoes in your ear as the forefront and center. When the drums kick in you get that soulful taste that Jack Garratt is nutorious for, but with an ever so addictive ghostly feeling that it haunts you, but keeps you coming back for more. Jack has clearly delivered a stellar debut that's setting him apart from the pack. He's definitely a leading force for 2014 and will hopefully be gracing those end of the year lists as he leaves us in a state of awe.
Jack Garratt is playing a slew of shows in London in the coming months, so don't miss out. You can check out the dates and get your tickets here and pick up your copy of Remnants here.

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