Friday, July 18, 2014

I Will Be Your Fortune Hunter

Swedish super-star on the rise Marlene ∞ has been turning heads for almost a year since making her debut with "Bon Voyage" that was gave us that last taste of Summer '13. Since releasing her debut, she's been pumping up her game with a follow-up to her smash debut with a dreamy sophomore single "Stay Awake" and a stellar EP that showcases all of her star power packed into one package of pop gold. Today, we get the lead track "Indian Summer"'s visually pleasing video that takes us deep into a tropical paradise as Marlene graces us with her pop star moves. All of this wonder leads up to the final chorus packed with a glowing neon dance party centered around all of the unstoppable power that Marlene brings to the table. Prepare yourself. Marlene ∞ is coming up fast and nothing will get in her way of her finding her "indian summer". 


  1. F yeah!! This artist is unstoppable..

  2. Unstoppable and brilliant, as her lavender filed and i do this for you. Simply amazing. Cant get enough.

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