Monday, July 21, 2014

How Long Can I Wait?

JMR has been making us swoon since day one, and today is he continues to wow us with his latest "One Time". Teaming up with the the undeniably addictive EXROYALE and Ryne Estwig from ON AN ON, we get a slick and sultry mix of strumming guitars mixing with JMR's decadent vocals sending you into full-on melt-down-mode. It fixes you on the classic guitars JMR has crafted as a signature trait, while infusing a full on array of synths that transition you into the realm of EXROYALE's expertise and leaving you with the indie aspects of Ryne's background in ON AN ON. Prepare to be reduced to a puddle, as JMR turns the heat up with this breathe-taking track.

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