Monday, July 7, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #50-41

July is finally here and besides summer finally being in full swing, it also means that we are half way through 2014. Over the past six months we have heard so many great pop tracks from artists who have the drive and power to write the songs that posses the hit potential everyone desires. Over the past couple of weeks we've been going back through, and compiling a list of 50 songs/artists that literally have the potential to become some of the biggest names in pop in the coming year. Throughout this week we will be counting down our top picks. And with this we give you the Oblivious Pop Half Year Review: 2014 Edition.
Emerson Jay first came to us this January with his debut EP that showed all of the potential of writing a hit-in-the-making. "LZY Me" was the clear stand out track that filled our hearts with joy and sent us from the dead of winter into a kaleidoscope of golden sun rays. A few months after catching our eye, Emerson Jay released "Feelz You" which sent us on a joy ride down a road of R&B synths. Emerson Jay caught on so well they even snagged a spot on the Electric Forest '14 bill this year next to some of the biggest names in electronic music. Heads are slowly turning towards the rising star that is Emerson Jay. 

Coming to us from London, the trio Years & Years jumped onto the music scene and instantly exploded into a powerhouse. Their lead track "Real" off of their debut EP is already on the verge of breaking 1 million listens on Souncloud. Clearly Years & Years didn't settle for sky when they dropped their EP because they are light years beyond the stars and becoming one of the biggest names in indie pop. 

Back last year Ayer crossed our path with his debut single "Circle Down" that had our heads spinning and our hearts racing. Ever since he's been dropping some of the catchiest tracks we've listened to in a long time, all leading up to his latest release "Black Diamond" that was a full-on array of galaxy synths and glistening vocals. With the announcement of his live debut coming up in August, we can't wait to see what is in store when he graces CMJ with his infectious sounds this fall. 

The Wild Curve first caught our attention back in May with "Warriors" that had us making connections to an 80s version of Phoenix with their indie rocker vocals mixing with sick synth work. All of this came together for that arena chorus blasting in your ears and sticking to your mind. There's no doubt that there's some crazy things brewing for these guys and the rest of 2014 will only bring more greatness. 

No matter how pop you are there's always room in your heart for a rocker chick and Sizzy Rocket is the girl who's here to fill that void. Sizzy caught our attention earlier this year while showing up in a tweet. We found some of her older works, but it was obvious something big was bubbling up from this girl. When February came around "I Wanna Rob" dropped like a nuclear bomb sending a wave of grunge pop into our ears for our listening pleasure. Sizzy Rocket robbed our hearts from the very beginning.

Another early January discovery brought us NYC band The Landing. Keeping their identities on the down low, their music was allowed to shine through with "Anxieties" and then eventually the release of their debut EP back in May. Their infectious sound will get your body grooving and have you dancing till the break of dawn. Watch as The Landing keeps you awake for days dancing your life away.

Glassnote's newest signees Holychild first crossed our pages on our list of CMJ must-sees back in October of last year. Clearly we were right as they signed a record deal shortly after and were well on their to becoming one of the biggest things in the indie scene with their classic 90s, California-pop sound. Their debut EP released this spring proved to be a serving of delicious pop that channeled a full on unique experience worth taking in. Holychild is definitely in the running of one of the greatest releases of 2014. Better keep your eyes on this duo.

Lately there have been a lot of artist who have dropped tracks with no formal knowledge of who's behind the project keeping the mystery alive and letting the music speak for itself. With RKCB that is the case with their infectious synth work and Basecamp-like vocals that send you into a holy state. It's been a while now since we've gotten new music from them/him so we can only expect that something big is going to come roaring up later this year that's going to send RKCB to the top of the indie game. 

Anna of The North literally blew up in days with the release of a demo version of her debut single "Sway" that lead to signing with Honeymoon/Atlantic, sending all eyes on her. Her sound can be summed up in the comparison of an icy ocean with frozen synth waves as her vocals send the golden warmth through the coldness of the Nordic seas. With the team she's been instantly immersed into there's no doubt Anna of The North will be a household name among all indie pop lovers.

We end today with a band that's been getting quite some attention ever since their debut single dropped back in May. Young Rising Sons comes at us with "High" that is one of the most infectious summer songs that's going to get you through those humid nights. About a month after releasing their debut single these guys signed a deal with Interscope and are now going head-on into becoming one of the hottest acts of the year.

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