Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #40-31

Vérité's debut single has been circulating the world wide web since October of last year when she released her first music video. Many months later "Heartbeat" crossed our path and our hearts instantly began to pound with excitement. Vérité vocals are flawless in every sense, creating the purest mixture as it wraps around the pop/rock guitars that truly makes us flash back to the best 90s pop records. There's something big brewing here and there will absolutely be more hits coming from this NYC star on the rise. 

Machineheart had literally erupted before our eyes in a matter of hours. We first came across them from a post on Facebook from a friend of ours. Before we even had the chance to sit down and really dig into their music they were literally everywhere. It's another one of those 90 pop/rock influence bands that our bodies crave. Machineheart does everything right with their tracks and there will be no stopping them from causing mass chaos in all the right ways. 

MVSCLES have been around for quite some time and over that time they come packed full with industry experience of dealing with record labels and the disagreements in creative visions that occur. All of that is on its way behind them, allowing them to focus in on releasing some amazing tracks that's packed full with all of their electronic goodness. A noteworthy one would be their comeback track after a year of being away that's like traveling through outer space watching the stars fly by as MVSCLES take you to an entirely new universe of pop. It's a tropical vacation light years away from earth.

Marlene ∞  had us with an her instant hit debut "Bon Voyage" back last summer that had us grasping to get away from our daily lives and escape to a tropical paradise far from civilization. Riding on the success of a debut that had heads spinning, she traveled to the U.S. to showcase her talent further and work on a debut EP that finally dropped this May and was well worth the wait. Marlene ∞ sound can be summed up as bubble-gum pop with an thick coating of pure Swedish sweetness. Her EP is filled with essences of jungle fever that take you on a journey and leave you in a happier state of mind. She's got all of the makings to be a powerhouse super star and we only expect more success from her in the near future. 

South London kid Shivum Sharma graced the inter-web airwaves with this sweet melodic sound earlier this year with his debut single "Flicker". His music is crafted into a landscape of light colors that glisten for miles in the calmness in the hills beyond. The beauty he instills in his lyrics will be something that makes him stand out as he continues to make us weep tears of joy. 

When you're featured on the #1 track in the UK this spring and also watching that track finally explode onto the U.S. airwaves you know you're bound to become a superstar. With Jess Glynne that's what is happening. After featuring on Clean Bandit's "Rather Be" she's been working on busting out her own works and damn her music is just as catchy. Prepare as she climbs up the ranks of pop royalty in the coming year. There's no stopping Jess from reaching the top. 

We first came across Flordia's JMR when his track "Pioneer of Your Heart" graced our inbox and had us swooning over his slick vocals and graceful lyrics that blend effortlessly into a melody that will be swirling around your mind. His music sends you into a relaxing state as you lull yourself deep into a dream state and watch the northern lights above your head. 

What do you get when you see a dance-off between Johnny Cash and David Bowie? A Cash+David music video that pushes all levels for their debut single "Funn". Cash+David is all about creating songs that you can dance to in a rocking fashion. They are sun-washed and bright as they shimmer in the darkness surrounding them. Everything about Cash+David is right to make them a leading force in crossing dance, rock, and pop together.

Ireland's Talos showed up on our radar glowing off in the distance earlier this year with his debut single "Tethered Bones" that sent us into an instant darkened dream state. His vocals flow effortlessly downstream as they get washed in heavy synths pulling you deeper into the depths of his mind. We can only expect to be awestruck by what he delivers as his second dose.

We end the countdown for today right back where we started in NYC with Brooklyn band Paperwhite. This duo has a strong backing from working with other head strong bands in the NYC music scene with their single "Got Me Goin", allowing them to use everything they got to deliver some pretty addictive tracks. These two are on the right track to exploding quickly into the indie scene and making a name for themselves. We can only expect more music from them soon.


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