Thursday, July 10, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #20-11

Once again Sweden is finding a happy home on our countdown with another stunner, Seinabo Sey. Literally ending 2013 with her debut "Younger", there was no doubt she was going to blow up in just a few months. Just seven months later she released her second offering "Hard Time" and the next thing we knew Seinabo Sey had the world in her hands. Big things are to come from this superstar and we can't wait to see what's to come.

Brooklyn band Prinze George has been around for a while now, but they came hot on the radar of every single music blog with a one true-fire hit "This Time" earlier this year. Instantly sending us into their twisting, synth-powered vortex we get all of the angst filled energy leading up to the big break down where you can't help but put your hands in the air and dance yourself clean. You'll be hooked after one listen and craving more for days to come.

We've been following Blood Cultures from the very beginning. What started as a song called "Indian Summer" last fall has instantly turned into a major hit online. Months later we got a second does of this mystery act with "Mercury Child" and then a third with "Meavy Hetal". Clearly the mystery of who is behind this music isn't the driving force causing all of the wild success. Blood Cultures music is unique and comes at you like something you've never heard before. We don't even care if we ever know who's behind Blood Cultures. All we care is that he/she/it/they continue to release more music far into the future.

Another act we've been following from the very beginning is San Francisco duo Cathedrals when they dropped their debut stunner "Unbound". Over time they have been picked up by the blog scene and even caught the eye of Neon Gold Records which has now led to their debut EP being released by this wonderful boutique label. These two put so much effort to perfect their sound that it's quite obvious that they'll be sticking around and will be making a huge name for themselves.

With his debut EP School Night up on the internet for what felt like a day and now long gone and nowhere to be found, Thomston set the world on fire and is slowly watching as his new EP Argonaut literally explodes, setting himself up as the act every label wants to sign. His sound has been compared to Lorde, and there are parts that have the Lordelike quality, but Thomston is clearly standing out on his own by crafting tracks that are just as catchy as any act in the pop scene if not more. For now, we will just sit here and watch the labels go into a bidding war over him (if he hasn't signed already) and see him rise to the top of the charts within the coming year.

Last fall Hoodlem was brought the world attention with a little track called "Through" that had all the right makings for an extremely experimental artist to cross over into the world of pop. Hoodlem did just that with "Old Friend" and then instantly sent us into a crazy frenzy with the jam "IGOTU". Hoodlem is well on their way for being a total crossover that no one would have imagined. Get lost in their electronic perfection and you'll be hooked forever.

Jungle has been force to be reckoned with ever since "Busy Earnin'" went viral and had everyone loving their pin-point choreographed videos. On the approach of their LP dropping this next week, they are streaming it early on iTunes and damn is it good. It's an album that you'll never get sick of and will last a lifetime.

Our latest obsession is Zella Day and we have so many reasons why. Literally working her ass off since she was a child, Zella has been finally getting some of the recognition she deserves. We were able to chat with her when she was here in NYC playing School Night and she was one of the sweetest and most intriguing people we've ever met. Her songs are pure perfection as they take you on an endless journey through her life, letting you into her mind and soul with every single word. Zella Day is that artist we know has the energy and perseverance to go far in this industry.

Siren was an instant hit with the release of their debut single "I Think I Like You" which blew up instantly. Their sound dives into that Teagan & Sara realm with the catchy hooks that fill your heart with a rhythm that can't be beat. We'll be expecting more great things from these two now they they are all locked up with Warner Bros. Records and definitely well on their way to becoming a hit sensation.

At first listen we instantly fell in love with Shura and after watching the video for her debut track "Touch" we were head over heels for this UK wonder girl. This girl has over half a million listens on soundcloud. We only hope that in the coming months we get our second dose of Shura because we are having major anxiety from our withdrawl.

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