Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give You What You Want

If you remember way back in March we introduced you to Osca, a London 4-piece that might just be one of the hottest indie bands rising up to change the game. Shortly after our introduction, all traces of Osca's music disappeared from the internet, leaving a blank Soundcloud page. Months later we get the long awaited return with "Blood" dropping on Duly Noted Records. "Blood" channels every perfect aspect you could ask for in a killer indie rock track. With depth defying lyrics, Osca send you into limbo waiting for the reassurance they give you with their suspense-ridden guitars. There's clearly an essence of Coldplay mixing with the nostalgic remnants of a production that sounds similar to Racing Glaciers. You're blood will be rushing and your heart will be pounding through ever listen to Osca as they truly are a rising force. You can catch Osca live at Electrowerkz in London on September 10th.