Monday, July 7, 2014

End Up Problems For Me

With most bands from California we get the summer sun vibes that make our hearts beat happiness, but today we bring you the darkness that comes once the sun goes down with Verre's "BLU". From the very beginning of this track you're instantly washed into a riptide of guitars that send a numbing feeling down your back. As you approach the chorus things hit a point where you're floating away from reality into a weightless vortex all leading you back to reality where you end up in a full on spinning flux as your body is crushed by the silky waves of the deep ocean pulling you deeper into the darkness below. Verre's lyrics take you on a journey where you're forced to dig deep into your darkest thoughts leaving you on the verge of tears from the beauty they create with every emotion in your body. Verre takes your emotions and paints them on the walls for the world to see, leaving you stuck facing every fear you've had in your past, present, and future.

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