Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Body Is Moving...Distorting

Meet the newest pop-girl with all the potential from London -- Annabel Jones with her latest single "Magnetic". After releasing her first single about two years ago, we can only hope Annabel has been vamping up for some major releasing in the coming year. This track picks up right where she left off, sending a massive wave of delicate power into our soul. Building on all of the darker elements of Imogen Heap, Annabel crafts in Ryn Weaver-like hooks that transform into depth-defying effects from the realm of Hoodlem. All of this comes together to create one massive experience that is going to knock you light years away. Listen below and keep your eyes on Annabel as she blossoms into the next "it" girl in pop.


  1. You are gonna knock them dead you have a very powerful voice that is wonderful and a sound all your own keep it up.

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