Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Walking Over Me

Aussie band MTNS become one of the hottest indie bands around this last year as they busted out noteworthy hits that literally had our body craving for more. At the moment we aren't getting new music from them (hopefully soon we will), but we are getting music from their manager who's releasing under the name Wyatt. Coming strong with a full debut EP, Wyatt drops us in a translucent ocean filled with dimmed synths that circulate into the acoustics of pianos. This all sinks deeper into a darkening ocean as every feeling and more come rushing into your soul and hits you in an overwhelming yet so unbelievably moving motion you're caught in a state of happiness and tears. Prepare to be washed out to sea with "Places" below and be sure to check out his full depth-defying EP

4 A.M. And The Music's Playing

Our love for Island Fox continues to blaze endlessly to this day, but today this UK artist has our love exploding into an atomic fire storm with her latest release "Come With Me". Teaming up with Wunder Wulf, Island Fox sends us on a journey through an dimmed forest filled with flashing synths that take you out of this world. Her vocals come crisp and clean than ever before as she elegantly floats above the breezing electronics that send chill down to your finger tips. Listen below and find yourself lost in the wilderness Island Fox entrances herself in with this wonderful masterpiece.

Clean The Street Up

Earlier this month Fantastic Fantastic released their fiery debut "Never Enough" that was a perfect 70s disco meets millennial pop. Now this duo is back with their second offering "Houses" that leaves off right where they left us earlier this month. Fusing some retro-aspect synths with grooving guitars, these guys have crafted a track that's ready for any disco dance party. Let your disco fever rage as you find yourself hitting repeat on this one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Body Is Moving...Distorting

Meet the newest pop-girl with all the potential from London -- Annabel Jones with her latest single "Magnetic". After releasing her first single about two years ago, we can only hope Annabel has been vamping up for some major releasing in the coming year. This track picks up right where she left off, sending a massive wave of delicate power into our soul. Building on all of the darker elements of Imogen Heap, Annabel crafts in Ryn Weaver-like hooks that transform into depth-defying effects from the realm of Hoodlem. All of this comes together to create one massive experience that is going to knock you light years away. Listen below and keep your eyes on Annabel as she blossoms into the next "it" girl in pop.

Oh Don't You See

DC's PLOY has been hot on their music kick this summer, providing us all the greatest summer infusion that we could ask for with their Summer Songs Compilation. There final installment, "Trials", came to us this week hot as the summer sun on the city concrete. Giving us the classic PLOY synths, these guys create a steaming atmosphere entranced in an intensifying beat that's going to be blasting all night long for the rest of your summer parties. Listen to "Trials" below and be sure to check out the rest of their killer, summer tracks over on their Soundcloud page.

Never Gonna Ask For More

It's been a long minute since we've heard from NYC duo Paperwhite, and today they are back with all the right feels in their nostalgic track "Take Me Back". Building off of their sound that belongs in the soundtrack of every retro movie, Paperwhite sends all the feels with their magical fusion of synths over a grooving dance beat. Take a trip back with Paperwhite as they send you through time and drop you right in the era of hot summer days in the city melted with and 80s twist.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lonely In A Crowded Room

Meet Liverpool's latest and greatest Carla, coming hot on the scene with their guitar-driven debut "Heart Trips". This four-piece band brings a high energy jam that reminiscent of the 90s with that little touch of millennial magic as they hook you with a tropical-synth infusion. It's a hot-tripping track with a grooving beats that will get your body moving and have you jamming all night long. Listen below and catch yourself before you fall head-over-heels for this track.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

[PREMIERE] Can I Lay By Your Side?

Earlier this year we introduced you to Epique with his infectious single "Relapse Love"—the perfect track for any night on the town. Today, we bring you the exclusive premiere of this New Yorker's  remix of "Lay Me Down" by Sam Smith. Epique perfectly builds on top of Sam Smith's silky smooth vocals with lucid synths, turning this bluesy track into an electronic infused slow-burner. Now, it is shooting beyond the stars and landing among the galaxies of the universe. There's no doubt that Epique has shown his craft at writing a hit and showcasing his vocals with his past works, but with a remix like this, he definitely has shown us his excellence as a diversified artist ready to take off. Listen to the exclusive premiere below and be taken on a journey of "Epique" proportions.
Download this track for free here

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Calling Your Attention

DC's Young Summer is vamping up for her highly anticipated album release in the coming months and today she gives us another taste with "Siren". Young Summer instantly sends elegant EVVY vibes that dance around your head as they build into a chorus that soars to Jessie Ware-like proportions. The hazy synths fuze a fog filled beat as Young Summer effortlessly crafts a track that is as cool as night. Young Summer will be hitting up the All Thing Go Fall Classic playing among some of the hottest acts in the industry so she's well on her way to becoming one of the hottest artists around. Listen below and prepare to be adding Young Summer to your list of artists to watch.

Writing Sonnets On Your Phone

There's always something hot coming across the Pacific from Australia, and today its 19-year-old Robson who's making us swoon over his depth-defying vocals. With only his debut "Heart-Shaped Fires" under his belt, Robson had us captured under his spell with just one listen. His production lifts you off the ground and sends you soaring through the clouds as his vocals send shivers down your spine making you feel all the potential in this young artist who's years ahead of himself. At the end of the track you're burnt at the edges and craving more from Robson as he leaves you in the final moments of this fiery track. Take a listen below and watch as your heart starts burning for this impeccable young debut that doesn't disappoint.

Forever Yours

Meet r.e.l., the latest artist making her debut into the LA indie pop scene. "All That Bite" brings a nostalgic taste that's filled with dreamy hooks and ever-changing beat that hooks you in. As the drums kick in the chorus and you get washed into the colorful lyrics, you find yourself being surrounded by r.e.l.'s perfect pop vocals that remind us of a Halsey meets Only Girl mix. It's a magical journey of pastel spectrums sending you into a state of beauty and wonder. r.e.l. is currently working on her debut EP being self-released later this year. She's raising funds through Kickstarter, so give her some major love because she has all the makings of becoming the new indie pop "it" girl of the west coast.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give You What You Want

If you remember way back in March we introduced you to Osca, a London 4-piece that might just be one of the hottest indie bands rising up to change the game. Shortly after our introduction, all traces of Osca's music disappeared from the internet, leaving a blank Soundcloud page. Months later we get the long awaited return with "Blood" dropping on Duly Noted Records. "Blood" channels every perfect aspect you could ask for in a killer indie rock track. With depth defying lyrics, Osca send you into limbo waiting for the reassurance they give you with their suspense-ridden guitars. There's clearly an essence of Coldplay mixing with the nostalgic remnants of a production that sounds similar to Racing Glaciers. You're blood will be rushing and your heart will be pounding through ever listen to Osca as they truly are a rising force. You can catch Osca live at Electrowerkz in London on September 10th.

We Head To The Cosmic Dust

Frenship are always winning our hearts with anything they decide to put their hands on, and today is no different as they remix White Sea's "They Don't Know" and turn it into a raging tropical track. Bringing the classic Frenship beats that instantly transplant you to a island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Frenship brings in their powering electronics to craft something that's taking off to a whole different universe. Listen below and prepare to be transported out of the concrete jungle and into a dense rainforest with every color you could imagine flowing around you.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Long Can I Wait?

JMR has been making us swoon since day one, and today is he continues to wow us with his latest "One Time". Teaming up with the the undeniably addictive EXROYALE and Ryne Estwig from ON AN ON, we get a slick and sultry mix of strumming guitars mixing with JMR's decadent vocals sending you into full-on melt-down-mode. It fixes you on the classic guitars JMR has crafted as a signature trait, while infusing a full on array of synths that transition you into the realm of EXROYALE's expertise and leaving you with the indie aspects of Ryne's background in ON AN ON. Prepare to be reduced to a puddle, as JMR turns the heat up with this breathe-taking track.

Got That Chain Reaction

L.A. based artist Rilan is coming up strong to be the next big thing in pop with his proper debut "Chemical" that has slowly but surely been turning heads. With his stunning video for this powering track on the verge of reaching 100,000 views, Rilan is pushing forward as a major contender as one of the hottest acts on the rise for the second half of 2014. His sound is pure pop bliss as he hits you hard with his mix of electronic fusion and pounding 80s rock beat. It's a late night sounding track that puts you on the edge of your seat as you feel every beat pounding in your heart and the synths run rapid through your blood stream. Watch out as Rilan starts a chemical reaction thats ready to blow with "Chemical" below.

Friday, July 18, 2014

All These Conversations

We love when music comes out strong from the midwest because we have some roots stemming from there, but also because the music that comes from there is outstanding. Today, we bring you Detroit trio Gosh Pith with their borderline experimental electronic meets R&B debut "Waves". Gosh Pith instantly has you sinking into their minimalist electronics as they start things off with their Wet-like drums and fuse in lyrics that remind us of a nostalgic Prelow track. The roaring guitars come in at the chorus and wash you body deeper into the oceans, sending you into the trippy illusion that is Gosh Pith. You'll be lost in the darkened seas being washed away as every electronic element that hits your soul.

I Will Be Your Fortune Hunter

Swedish super-star on the rise Marlene ∞ has been turning heads for almost a year since making her debut with "Bon Voyage" that was gave us that last taste of Summer '13. Since releasing her debut, she's been pumping up her game with a follow-up to her smash debut with a dreamy sophomore single "Stay Awake" and a stellar EP that showcases all of her star power packed into one package of pop gold. Today, we get the lead track "Indian Summer"'s visually pleasing video that takes us deep into a tropical paradise as Marlene graces us with her pop star moves. All of this wonder leads up to the final chorus packed with a glowing neon dance party centered around all of the unstoppable power that Marlene brings to the table. Prepare yourself. Marlene ∞ is coming up fast and nothing will get in her way of her finding her "indian summer". 

For Now Not Forever

Meet your new favorite SoCal indie rock band The Young Wild with their steaming debut "Moment Goes" that's instantly gets your blood rushing with its slow-burning rock chorus. Fusing verses that jump on your brain waves like an Action Item track, these guys dive right into an anthemic Priory chorus that'll have singing every word as you blast it through the speakers of your car raging hard as the night goes on. We'll be expecting a lot more from this band in the coming months with a few opportunities on the horizon and a debut EP ready to drop just a few months away. For now take a listen below and get your blood rushing throughout the night giving you that indie-packed adrenaline high your body craves as the youth run wild in your body. Be young. Be wild. Be free. and "let the moment go where the moment goes"!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Can't Remember Shit

Mansions On The Moon are gearing up for their debut album this fall with a hot new lead single "Don't Tell" that takes you higher than the clouds into the neon atmosphere above. Combining a funk similar to Broken Bells and the elegance of M83, Mansions on the Moon craft a track that is light and playful sending all the right feels about what happened last night into your body. The melody floats effortlessly fusing into a Capital Cities-like chorus that gets you out on the dance floor grooving all night long. You won't be able to stop until the morning comes as Mansions on the Moon sends their infectious beat into your bones.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Did It Again

Lovelife just did it again. They made us fall in love with their steamy electronics as they craft another hit, "Nova", that's going to be running around your head all day long. Picking up on the disco influence craze that's been gracing more tracks these days, Lovelife take this and fuses it with a futuristic touch as they send you into a cosmic force field deep in the galaxies beyond, slowly hurtling you into their vortex of a chorus that is catchy beyond belief. Blast off with Lovelife and touch the stars and more as they take you on a intergalactic, 70s space journey with this one.

Said This Would Be Our Year

Meet your latest Australian addiction Hopium with the latest stunner "Dreamers" featuring none other than Phoebe Lou from the long gone Snakadaktal. Hopium takes you exactly where they say they will with this track, lifting you into a dream world filled with regrets of not defining a line between fantasy and reality. This duo picked the perfect combination of ice glistening synths over a steaming beat all mixing with the undeniably phenomenal vocals of Phoebe that just sends you further into a magnetic illusion. It's not until the end that reality hits you smack in the gut and you're left shockingly breathless standing in the light of day only wishing to be back in your dreams.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Love Is Like A Coma

We love Brighton! We've never actually been to this city, but we love it nonetheless because their music scene is so fucking HAWT! We've seen so many of our favorites like Fickle Friends and IYES make the biggest of splashes in the vast of ocean of pop, and today there is a tidal wave of excitement from new comers Oslo Parks with their debut "Twin". Hopping onto scene fast and ready like label mates Phoria, Oslo Parks gives us a hot fusion of funk-fused backings over that steam up any room with its lush vocals in the thickening jungle surrounding you. Prepare yourself because Oslo Park is going to knock you on your back sending you into a dazed coma of pop excellence.

Living Our Lives Half Asleep

Last week we listed the awe-striking Vérité in the top 50 pick for our Half Year Review. She won our hearts over with her debut single "Heartbeat", and today we finally get our second taste of this New York superstar with "Strange Enough". Vérité's undeniably pure, Jessie Ware-like vocals swirl into your heart awakening you in the dead of night as the chorus hits every nerve ending in your body with its lucidness. The track pushes all of the emotions and questions one faces in a relationship on the edge of falling through going back and forth between the good and the bad memories. Vérité is well on her way to becoming on of the biggest stand outs artists in pop this year and we couldn't be happier to watch her climb to the top as she crafts her debut EP with Elliot Jacobson. Definitely big things from this girl yet to come.

Our Heads In Clouds

Meet Melbourne band Bastion with their debut "Disarray" that's giving all the right feelings of a band that's got all the workings to grow and craft their work. Their sound is borderline punk, but fusing a major pop/rock mix creating something so distinct to them that it sets them apart from all the others. Working with producer Andrei Eremin, who's worked with the likes of Chet Faker and Oscar Key Sung, this band is well on their way to being an act that's ready to explode onto the scene in the coming year. Keep your head to the sky and watch as Bastion takes flight!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sink Too Deep

Releasing to the world their debut single "Waterfalls" is Swedish duo Heart/Dancer that's ready to wash your worries clean as they drown you in their tropical sounds. Building on a warm Goldroom electronic filled production, Linnéa Atieno's and Joakim Buddee's warming vocals dance between one another creating a heat wave filled with surfing guitars and a beach-bound beat. Heart/Dancer brings that heating energy from a land that's filled with frozen forest proving that they are ready to make their climb to the top melting anything in their path.

Let Me Be Something You Use Up

Jack Garratt has been making quite a splash this spring with the release of his debut single and a few others that had our heads spinning. After snagging a spot on our Half Year Review, Jack Garratt is now releasing his debut EP Remnants that is packed with all of our favorites and a new track. The EP starts things off right with his powering hit "Water" that brings the blues to a whole new level with this earth shattering chorus. Once "Water" rattles your bones, things settle into a calming yet awe-striking song called "I Couldn't Want You Anyways", which is familiar as his debut that graced the internet and disappeared into thin air shortly after, leaving no traces of until now. This track washes your soul with silky-smooth ocean water sending you into an emotional state of relaxation. After soothing your soul, Jack Garratt is back with his power with "Worry" that's filled with the soulful chorus that will have you singing every single word. The EP comes to an end with the title-track "Remnants". The track is dark and haunting in every way imaginable. Jack's voice is distant as a haunting synth echoes in your ear as the forefront and center. When the drums kick in you get that soulful taste that Jack Garratt is nutorious for, but with an ever so addictive ghostly feeling that it haunts you, but keeps you coming back for more. Jack has clearly delivered a stellar debut that's setting him apart from the pack. He's definitely a leading force for 2014 and will hopefully be gracing those end of the year lists as he leaves us in a state of awe.
Jack Garratt is playing a slew of shows in London in the coming months, so don't miss out. You can check out the dates and get your tickets here and pick up your copy of Remnants here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #10-01

Today marks the top 10 of our Half Year Review and we couldn't me more excited to share with you some of our favorite acts of 2014 so far. There are so many artists/bands that are going to literally blow up this year and there are artists/bands that we don't even know about yet that might just be the biggest thing of 2014 (A lot can happen in 6 months). We just wanted to do a quick honorary mention of a few artists/bands that are some of our favorites and will always have a place in our heart as an act that truly can stand out: Evvy, Broken Luxury, Mattheu, and Frenship. Every artist we feature on Oblivious Pop has the talent to go extremely far in this industry. That is why we feature them on here. We put a lot of consideration when we do countdowns like these all of which include analytics and just pure instinct. With all of this out, we are proud to give you our Top 10 picks for the first half of 2014! 
We've loved IYES from the very beginning when they released their debut track "'Til Infinity" back last year, and our love for this Brighton duo continues to grow to the extreme as they wow us with each new release. Their second single "Breathe" send shivers down our back and that was when we knew IYES was a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye on these two as we only expect more from them in the coming months.

Earlier this year it felt like the music scene was shifting hot spots from Australia to Brighton in the UK. This was all backed up when Fickle Friends made their debut at the very beginning of the year, giving them a track that has almost half a million listens on Soundcloud. Already hot on the European festival scene, this Brighton crew is going to make the world slowly fall in love with them at every turn. They definitely know how to write a big time hit.

With a single as hot as "Faded", there's no wonder ZHU had instant success with a track that is becoming one of the hottest electronic tracks around. With a debut EP out now and ZHU still staying strong on the iTune charts there's no doubt that he'll be around busting out more club ready anthems for you to blast all night long.

All it took was one listen and we instantly fell in love with the new darkened pop star Halsey. In just a day her debut single "Ghost" went viral and had every music lover melting in the palm of her hand. She delivered her second single "New Americana" that had us in a rebellious state and instantly craving more from this girl who has all the right essences of pop. We are well on the way to getting more music from this girl as her debut EP is slated for release later this year on Astralwerks/Capitol Records. 
Great Good Fine Ok released their debut track about 9 months ago and literally had the music industry crawling at their feet to get a taste. After leaving us in a wonder of what was coming next, Great Good Fine Ok let some remixes of their debut keep the steam rolling and finally led to the long waited sophomore release "Not Going Home" that literally had the same, if not more, on the industry. Great Good Fine Ok is well on their way to becoming the hottest band in the indie scene as they are set to release their debut EP on Neon Gold Records in the coming months and have a deal locked up with Epic Records in the UK. 

With their catchy indie hits circulating the world in a craze, Sylvan Esso exploded this spring in preparations for their debut LP that's out now on Partisan Records. Sylvan Esso find every essence of quirky pop tracks worked to perfection that they stick to your mind and have you humming them for months on end. A day doesn't go by when there isn't a Sylvan Esso track playing. This duo is well on their way to meeting the ranks of one of the best records of 2014. Sylvan Esso has captured our hearts and mostly likely they have captured yours too.

If you don't know who Betty Who is by now then you better learn fast because she is rising hot and steady to the front of the pack. With a debut EP behind her from last year leading up to her big sign with RCA last fall, Betty Who more ready than ever to become that name you love to chant. She released her second EP Slow Dancing this spring, toured the U.S., and made a UK live debut. Betty Who is well on her way to becoming a household name. We only hope we get that long waited LP before the years out, but if not we're sure it will be well worth the wait.

Tove Lo. "It" Girl. Superstar. Hit maker. Girl who makes us "stay high all the time". It was clearly meant to be after she released the song that's still circulating the world and becoming one of the biggest obsessions to date. "Habits" was released in the spring of 2014 and instantly caught the eyes of all the right people. A year later, we got her debut EP via Neon Gold Records and she instantly started climbing the charts. Now that even more eyes are on her, the long awaited debut full-length later this year.
There's always a major fascination with artists who are unique in the most intriguing yet creative ways and with Allie X we get just that. Coming off of a debut track "Catch" that went viral after Katy Perry blasted a tweet about the song, Allie X is making the music world crave every part of her. People want to know her back story, they want to know what makes her tick, and they want to know when they are getting more music from her. She's currently 3 songs deep in her career and all of them have been sure fire hits filled with hook after hook. The most intriguing thing about Allie X is her stance on her project. It appears she's just kind of going a long with it and testing the waters as an artist who can do without a major label and still be that pop star everyone will talk about. 
We couldn't be happier to give our leading spot to a duo that won our hearts over with one listen. Powers, an NYC/LA duo with a long list of accomplishments behind them in other projects (which include writing for Icona Pop), are hot on the verge of becoming an act that has been slowly creating some buzz. Their debut track "Gimme Some" caught the right eyes back last year, but it was this spring when things heated up from releasing their powerhouse track "Money" and then a music video for "Touch The World" that had all the right feels. A month or two ago they teased they were in the studio with the Knocks working on something sick. With all the talk, we just keep hearing more phenomenal things about this collaboration that our heads are filling with excitement as to when we are finally going to get a listen. Powers has won our entire heart and all of our support. We can only imagine what is in store for them in the coming year.

Is It Really Love

Los Angeles electronic trio Mt. Si is making the interweb go crazy with their fusion of graceful desert tracks. Their track "Oh" sends you into a wondering frenzy of RCA-like production fusing with the lucidly soft-spoken vocals of Mr. Little Jeans with that little touch of Goldroom. Their production swirls around like grains of sand in the sweltering wind slightingly grazing your body with every euphoric beat. You'll find yourself melting under the heat Mt. Si creates, while remaining perfectly content and in a state of calmness.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #20-11

Once again Sweden is finding a happy home on our countdown with another stunner, Seinabo Sey. Literally ending 2013 with her debut "Younger", there was no doubt she was going to blow up in just a few months. Just seven months later she released her second offering "Hard Time" and the next thing we knew Seinabo Sey had the world in her hands. Big things are to come from this superstar and we can't wait to see what's to come.

Brooklyn band Prinze George has been around for a while now, but they came hot on the radar of every single music blog with a one true-fire hit "This Time" earlier this year. Instantly sending us into their twisting, synth-powered vortex we get all of the angst filled energy leading up to the big break down where you can't help but put your hands in the air and dance yourself clean. You'll be hooked after one listen and craving more for days to come.

We've been following Blood Cultures from the very beginning. What started as a song called "Indian Summer" last fall has instantly turned into a major hit online. Months later we got a second does of this mystery act with "Mercury Child" and then a third with "Meavy Hetal". Clearly the mystery of who is behind this music isn't the driving force causing all of the wild success. Blood Cultures music is unique and comes at you like something you've never heard before. We don't even care if we ever know who's behind Blood Cultures. All we care is that he/she/it/they continue to release more music far into the future.

Another act we've been following from the very beginning is San Francisco duo Cathedrals when they dropped their debut stunner "Unbound". Over time they have been picked up by the blog scene and even caught the eye of Neon Gold Records which has now led to their debut EP being released by this wonderful boutique label. These two put so much effort to perfect their sound that it's quite obvious that they'll be sticking around and will be making a huge name for themselves.

With his debut EP School Night up on the internet for what felt like a day and now long gone and nowhere to be found, Thomston set the world on fire and is slowly watching as his new EP Argonaut literally explodes, setting himself up as the act every label wants to sign. His sound has been compared to Lorde, and there are parts that have the Lordelike quality, but Thomston is clearly standing out on his own by crafting tracks that are just as catchy as any act in the pop scene if not more. For now, we will just sit here and watch the labels go into a bidding war over him (if he hasn't signed already) and see him rise to the top of the charts within the coming year.

Last fall Hoodlem was brought the world attention with a little track called "Through" that had all the right makings for an extremely experimental artist to cross over into the world of pop. Hoodlem did just that with "Old Friend" and then instantly sent us into a crazy frenzy with the jam "IGOTU". Hoodlem is well on their way for being a total crossover that no one would have imagined. Get lost in their electronic perfection and you'll be hooked forever.

Jungle has been force to be reckoned with ever since "Busy Earnin'" went viral and had everyone loving their pin-point choreographed videos. On the approach of their LP dropping this next week, they are streaming it early on iTunes and damn is it good. It's an album that you'll never get sick of and will last a lifetime.

Our latest obsession is Zella Day and we have so many reasons why. Literally working her ass off since she was a child, Zella has been finally getting some of the recognition she deserves. We were able to chat with her when she was here in NYC playing School Night and she was one of the sweetest and most intriguing people we've ever met. Her songs are pure perfection as they take you on an endless journey through her life, letting you into her mind and soul with every single word. Zella Day is that artist we know has the energy and perseverance to go far in this industry.

Siren was an instant hit with the release of their debut single "I Think I Like You" which blew up instantly. Their sound dives into that Teagan & Sara realm with the catchy hooks that fill your heart with a rhythm that can't be beat. We'll be expecting more great things from these two now they they are all locked up with Warner Bros. Records and definitely well on their way to becoming a hit sensation.

At first listen we instantly fell in love with Shura and after watching the video for her debut track "Touch" we were head over heels for this UK wonder girl. This girl has over half a million listens on soundcloud. We only hope that in the coming months we get our second dose of Shura because we are having major anxiety from our withdrawl.

Hanging By A Thread

If you've remember back in January we did a feature of a 3-piece sister act that went by the name of The Edmondsons. Shortly after our post, things went quite on all of their sites and all of their tracks disappeared from the internet. Now usually that means two things: 1. the band is going through a major change and will be back in six months or 2. the band has decided to end and we only hope they would reconsider. Luckily in the case of the Edmondsons it was the first one. They are back today with a new name, Jagaara, and two new tracks that  prove exactly why we featured them back in January. These three sisters bring all the right feels with their latest called "Faultline", giving us the Haim vibes while taking a folk twist to this pop/rock sound. They know how to craft their sound into a quite lullaby and make it grow to a powering wave that sends all the right feels. Get to know Jagaara because things are aligning for them to become one of the best sister trios around.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Half Year Review: 2014 Edition #30-21

What came out of nowhere was a proper yet mysterious debut by UK's Huntar with "Expectations". Months later he gave us a second dose that knocked us on our backs and had us crawling back for more with "Naked Noises". His tracks are nicotine laced with their electronics glistening over pounding beats. Not only are we dying for a full EP from Huntar but we want to know who is behind this indescribably addictive project. For now the mystery continues...

By far our favorite discovery this year was Claudia Kane. There's a whole lot of spunk to this girl with her voice reminding us of early Kimbra mixing into a full on whirlwind of electronic beats and exuberant synths. She's been on a slow climb to reaching big name status as she wowed us with "Darling Is Not My Name" and continues to bust out more stellar tracks in her works. Big things are on the horizon for this UK girl!

Back in January we got dropped back into a vintage laced landscape with Prelow's debut track "For The Team" that had us reminiscing about the rebellious days of high school. They then went on to give us their doses of fuzzy synths with "Simple Song" and that's when we knew that Prelow wasn't playing around. They create tracks that are perfect for those late nights of laying around your apartment with friends and sharing a laugh or two that carry into the early hours of the morning. Prelow is definitely that band we are expecting to see a breakout from within the year. 

If you're into Miike Snow as much as we are you're going to love David Harks. This Brighton guy is causing quite some noise with his past two releases "We" and "Illusion". Both tracks craft a distant sound that lets David's flawless vocals come front and center sending you into a full on state of awestruck. You'll be looking up to the stars as you listen to David Harks getting lost in the vastness that is all around you.

We've been following Mapei ever since she first released her debut single "Don't Wait" back last fall and ever since we've been watching as she instantly made the music industry drool over her months later. Mapei then pour a little gasoline onto the fire with "Change" and literally the world knew about this "it" girl. She's roaring up the ranks with Seinabo Sey and Ryn Weaver becoming a household name in pop. Mapei aimed for the sun and landed among the stars and she's glowing brighter than ever. 

Jack Garratt brought his game when he made his debut earlier this year with his debut "I Couldn't Want You Anyway", which has since disappeared from the internet (Don't worry! We've been assured it will be back up soon enough). We knew something was magical in his voice after his debut and continued to wait until he released his second single "Water" that hard our hearts numbing to his soulful sound that mixed with a intense wubbing bass. All eyes are on him as he prepares for the release of his debut EP this month that's surely not going to disappoint.

Layla has been around for well over a year after releasing two EPs before she really picked up some steam with her latest Black Mud. The lead track off of this EP "Smokestacks" instantly received well reception from the masses lighting up the blogsphere with classic folk sound that sends you into the foggy English countryside. After this EP Layla is definitely spiraling into something bigger that ever imagined and we can't wait to see what lays ahead for this talented artist.

Sweden has been on fire this year. A long line of powerhouse acts have been making their way from the country and into the pop scene. Tove Styrke was one of those who came big and strong into the scene with her debut track "Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You". Her sound has been compared to the likes of The Ting Tings with a full on Swedish angsty twist that makes everything 10x better. With just one single out, we expect her second single to literally send cosmic waves throughout the world making her another Swedish-gone-worldwide superstar!

Racing Glaciers raced onto the music scene with their exuberant single "New Country" that channeled all the right bits of indie rock and indie folk. This UK band has been making major strides in the UK music scene by hitting up some major festivals this year and setting themselves as one of the biggest acts to cross our paths in 2014 (so far). Their sound will sweep you away to lands far away as their lyrics paint beautiful pictures in your mind you'll never forget.

Ben Khan had all the right moves when he crossed our paths back last year with "Savage", a full experience of acidic electronics mixed with an unforgettable voice. After wowing us once, he instantly wowed us again with his debut EP 1992 that hits all the right spots. It's excellently produced and his voice just keeps getting better and better with every listen. You'll be lost in the database of Ben Khan with one listen and will likely never escape.