Monday, June 9, 2014

Wanna Get Down With Me

Last week, we had to bid farewell to an era of monthly singles from Philly's Bel Heir. After delivering some phenomenal tracks over the past couple of months, Bel Heir has made the massive move to start work on their official debut single and album. With the end of this era, they give us a summer-sweet track, "Envy", that borders on the front of St. Lucia with its tropical washes of synths and sexy, aquatic sax that tops the track off. It pulls on touches of California-heated guitars mixing with their signature hooks that will get your head spinning. Bel Heir picked the perfect track to end their single a month campaign. It leaves us in a state where all we want is more, and we will remain patiently waiting for that massive debut that's destine to come from Bel Heir, hopefully before the years out.

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