Friday, June 6, 2014

I Know You Feel Alone

It's full steam ahead for the San Francisco duo Cathedrals with their latest single "Want My Love" that's a steamy windstorm of luscious vocals and sultry synths rocking you slowly into a dreamy state of wonder. It a slow buildup to the final where Cathedrals brings in the soaring guitars that take you higher and higher until your flying high above the world. They blew us away last year with their debut "Unbound" that we instantly new there were big things in store for these two, and just about eight months later it's all coming true. Cathedrals is set to release their debut EP on Neon Gold Records later this year and its bound to be a major highlight of 2014 and far into the future of pop music. There's no doubt Cathedrals will win you over, if they haven't yet with "Unbound" and "Harlem", and find a special place on your list of new favorite bands to be playing all throughout the year.

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